Fat Lace, The Magazine for Ageing B-Boys, was conceptualized by like minds in 1996 but first published in February 1997. In it’s original form, Fat Lace was a 40 odd page black and white photocopied and hand stapled fanzine. With a mix of made up stories, spoof interviews and near damning music reviews the magazine was launched at a three day hip-hop festival called Fresh ’97 in Folkstone, Kent.

Selling the magazine hand to hand, copies soon ran out and quickly had people in hysterics with its tongue in cheek take on rap and hip-hop culture. A further four issues graced the shelves of specialist stores and news agents alike. Copies circulated the globe via early on-line music distributors and the magazine quickly got a rep for pushing comedic boundaries as well as having an encyclopedic knowledge of rap history matched with upfront music journalism. The editorial team were profiled in The Face magazine as well as UK broadsheet The Guardian, revered by rap fans and professional journalists with a penchant for Public Enemy alike. The editorial team decided to call it a day circa 2000 after it had given Eminem his first magazine cover as well as rap legends Milk D, T La Rock and Schooly D cover stories.

Some ten years later the same founding editors decided to resurrect the spirit of Fat Lace in blog form with the backing of legendary rap powerhouse Rawkus who after abandoning an attempt to resurrect their legendary record label in 2009 decided to enter into the world of new media, social networking and professional blogging. With that, Fat Lace was reborn and now has a loyal following and approaching 500,000 unique visits in just over a year.