Fat Lace Spodcast 008

Stop bitching. When we come, we come correct.

4 Responses to "Fat Lace Spodcast 008"
  1. Reply Waxer December 23, 2012 15:17 pm

    Well fellers, you can tell santa to do one, as I don’t want any prezzies now! This!….. THIS is some defness and will be well appreciated on these old ears… Considering I’ve been listening and buying Hip Hop since 1982 you’d think I would know a lot about Hip Hop! Then these f*ckers come along and make me realise I’m a bit of a toy still!!! Bigup gents & a very merry Christmas to all at Fatlace!!!!!

  2. Reply Paul D December 30, 2012 22:04 pm

    Always discover something new from these spodcasts – keep ’em coming. That dodgy Spyder D tune near the end led me to his earlier (and far less corny) track “Placin’ The Beat” which was cut up by Marley Marl in “NYC Cutter” and also (I think) sampled in 2 Live Crew’s “Ghetto Bass”. Nice!

  3. Reply Deathhop January 8, 2013 04:11 am

    Thanks fellas. Always an education. Hope to see more in 2013.

  4. Reply Kai April 7, 2013 10:01 am

    Enjoyed the music, but the highlight was definetely the old skool edutainment skit. Always enjoy the banter.

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