Half-arsed post no.812 – check out our man’s mix










Our man, permanent perm-fucker and Fat Lace contributor The Martorialist – a man whose blog update rate makes him look like a Stakhonovite and us like dudes with locked-in syndrome – has done a new mix that we’ve deemed worthy of listening to more than once. Which, in these days of everyone doing an audio bukkake on soundcloud every single day and begging for our time-poor attention is truly something. Seriously, if we were to get round to every mix and datpiff download we’ve got lined up, we’d be 90. And as we’re planning to retire by 60 so we can ride around shining in runaway baths in Holmfirth, that shit is just not on. Anyway, if you only have time to peep one mix that combines LFO, Dubee, MC Eiht and Blancmange this week, make it this one (we know of seven). Peep it HERE

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  1. Reply brian buck 'em down July 4, 2012 09:16 am

    Fanx, dudes. Had to rep for you Leeds lads with some LFO.

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