Fat Lace Spodcast #7

Here’s a new Spodcast for you filled with the usual irreverent musings and old school snobbery you’ve come to expect. We pour out some liquor for Yauch, Hevster, Whitney and Eric Sykes. We play rap songs. But we don’t play like Freshco & Miz.

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6 Responses to "Fat Lace Spodcast #7"
  1. Reply SG July 7, 2012 15:49 pm

    nice like beans and rice, need to purchase the phase n rhythm and kid n play tracks.

  2. Reply ijunor July 15, 2012 17:34 pm

    Ill or what the kids are saying now

  3. Reply moyinka July 19, 2012 13:59 pm

    Some good stuff I haven’t heard before and some stuff I forgot about too; ‘Don’t Get Me Started’ (bought that from Red Records on Beak Street in London W1R 3LE Tel:01 734 2746) and the superb ‘Hook ‘n’ Sling’ so those two are getting dug out this weekend. Maybe my second copy of the Outlaw Posse 12″ will sell now an’all. That’s been on ebay for yonks. That ‘2 X Strong sounds nice but that Moe Crazy tune is the one I think. 2 X Strong for starters though, I can afford that one.

  4. Reply 100 namez September 7, 2012 18:52 pm

    big selection as usual. can’t pick a fave.

  5. Reply 100 namez September 8, 2012 13:04 pm

    that dope tune over the blackbyrds sample is going for around £650 on discogs, crazy, such a great track, the best of Drew’s selection on this spodcast, well dug Mr Huge.

  6. Reply SNafu December 7, 2012 22:31 pm

    “Like Freshco&Miz”, or (cough cough) Phill Most Chill

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