Straight outta the Tuff City vaults: Undefeated Three




















Those of with you with an unbashed fetish for those red and yellow Tuff City 12″ sleeves will be more than familiar with the works of Funkmaster Wizard Wiz. Who can forget the Moments & Whatnauts sampling ‘Girls’ or ‘Crack It Up’ – the crack anthems of all crack anthems. But before the Bellevue Patient went solo he was part of of the Undefeated Three. To our knowledge only one of their tracks appeared on wax previously, the awesome ‘U-N-D-E-F-E-A-T-E-D’ on the Smokin Raps compilation and before that they appeared on the seminal ‘Unity Rap’. Fast forward to, err, just last week, Tuff City dropped an EP of rare Undefeated Three joints including this banger. So we urge you to head over to Tuff City and grab a copy for yourself in the hope they dig deeper into these reels and unearth more gems for us.

In fact, we’re feeling generous today and have a spare copy of The Undefeated EP to give away so tell us in the comments section your top three Tuff City joints and we’ll pick the selection we’re feeling the most.

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15 Responses to "Straight outta the Tuff City vaults: Undefeated Three"
  1. Reply brian beck November 21, 2011 14:18 pm

    Spoonie’s Sex off Smokin’ Raps is my shit.

    Top 3 Tuff City jams :

    Spoonie Gee – Street Girl
    Davy DMX – One For The Treble
    Coldcrush Brothers – Fresh, Wild, Fly And Bold/45 King ft. Lakim Shabazz – We Got The Funk

  2. Reply Orko November 21, 2011 14:48 pm

    Awesome label, hard to pick a top 3 but…

    Priority One – I Can’t go for that \ Showin my Stuff 12″
    Grandmaster Caz – The Grandest of them all LP
    PHD – Without Warning LP

  3. Reply Werner von Wallenrod November 21, 2011 23:31 pm

    So hard to narrow down their entire catalog to three, but I think I’d have to go with these.

    Lakim Shanazz – Black Is Back
    Flavor Unit – Flavor Unit Assassination Squad
    YZ – In Control of Things

  4. Reply deathhop November 22, 2011 08:54 am

    Here’s my 3:
    Lakim Shabazz – Black Is Back
    Papa Austin and Great Peso – Wring Girls to Play With
    Davy DMX – One for the Treble

  5. Reply sg November 22, 2011 17:08 pm

    lakim shabazz – sample the dope noise
    45 king and markey fresh – the king is here
    priority one – lp

  6. Reply moyinka November 23, 2011 14:58 pm

    davy dmx – one for the treble
    cold crush brothers – heartbreakers party
    freddy b & the mighty mic masters – coolin’ on the ave.

  7. Reply tuff groover November 26, 2011 13:49 pm

    Fearless Four – dedication
    YZ – Thinking of a masterplan
    Ultramagnetic MC’s ‘I’m Flippin'”

  8. Reply DrZ November 29, 2011 17:45 pm

    Grandmaster Caz – Get down Grandmaster
    Anttex – tiger stripes and palm trees
    45 King – 900 number

  9. Reply DrZ November 29, 2011 17:47 pm

    Fuck how can you only choose 3?! It’s like asking for your favourite Clyde Stubblefield break

  10. Reply tuff groover November 30, 2011 07:09 am

    oops, that’s ‘I’m fu**in flippin” by ultra, was getting confused with the PHD tune, but that is also a killer. Too many tunes to mention.

  11. Reply GG Allin December 4, 2011 10:56 am

    Shit, this is going to get repetitive, but…

    Lakim Shabazz – Black Is Back. The X-Clan HAD to take notes from this dude’s stuff. One of the greatest voices ever in Hip Hop. Too bad he disappeared from the game…

    Cold Crush Brothers – Punk Rock Rap. Ah man, this STILL hits all the spots. Can fit under “Electro” as easily as Hip Hop, and it still makes ya sing along.

    The Fearless Four – Dedication. C’mon, this sounds like the soundtrack to every 80s movie that took place in the city! Imagine it playing as Charles Bronson is smoking gang members in Death Wish III!

    HONORABLE MENTION: PHD – Without Warning. At the time, it was SLAMMIN’, but in retrospect it is sorta East Coast gangsta-style by the numbers. I put it on the other day and it couldn’t make me nod my head like in high school.

  12. Reply Steve December 22, 2011 20:47 pm

    Now I was just gonna go to their website and order a copy… But seeing as you can’t find any new undefeated release on there yet. I may as well think of 3 joints. For me off the top..
    1) Freddie b and the mighty mic masters-the main event(PUMPKIN!)
    2) Spoonie Gee-Take it off(Marley on the boards, the single says “on the punch MC Shan”. Maybe he was the one triggering the” ta-ta-ta-take it off!” sample?”
    3) Davy DMX-One for the treble(One of the first hip hop records I bought back in the day)
    Old man raps…

  13. Reply Will January 18, 2012 15:21 pm

    The Undefeated 3 record is now up for sale at!!!

  14. Reply Steve January 28, 2012 16:44 pm

    18 bucks for 2 unreleased songs and 2 song I already have?
    Killin me

  15. Reply deathhop January 31, 2012 08:36 am

    did we get a winner?

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