You Can’t Stop The Profit – Jeru’s Guide To The Financial Crisis (Rejected Ideas Special)











While we regroup and prepare our next ‘themed’ week airing on this channel on Nov 7h here are some rejected ideas fresh off the press….

Robert Pestonz O Gunz on Greece, Dirty Dancing and Ghost

WC & The Madd Merkel – Angela’s white paper on the South Central’s mortgage crisis

Stock in the game – Bumpy Knuckles invests in West Coast rappers

International Euro Zone Coasters – Dinco D on the referendum issue

Quantative Eazy-E’ing by Eazy E

Shorty Long Selling at RBOS

Sub-Prime Minister Pete Nice – 3rd Bass member’s advice on keeping up with your mortgage repayments

Ant Banks, Lloyd Banks and Big Bank Hank merge to challenge HSBC’s market share

L-Fudge struggles for liquidity

Credit Crunch Time – Lord Alibaski predicted a financial meltdown back in 1990

Capital Tax’s guide to, err, tax

L-Cee  hit by Prophet warning

Da Bush Babees guide to Hedge Funds

This be the deficit beat – Home economics with Dana Dane

“One, two, three, the crew is called G.D.P.” – KRS modernises his lyrics

Nikkei D – First lady of Def Jam invests in the Asian Tiger

George Osbourne Supreme Allah on the Euro Zone crisis

When The Yen Hits The Paper – Freak L asks searching questions about the Japanese economy

All Ed Balls Don’t Bounce – Aceyalone on the shadow chancellor’s fiscal policy

9 Responses to "You Can’t Stop The Profit – Jeru’s Guide To The Financial Crisis (Rejected Ideas Special)"
  1. Reply DrZ October 30, 2011 17:31 pm

    Counting Endless Bankdrafts- Steady B discusses best policies as to how to tackle money problems

  2. Reply brian beck October 31, 2011 04:46 am

    Double Dip Dip Die – Godfather Don halts the double-dip recession by selling off sealed copies of Hazardous and Diabolique.

    A Millie – Lil’ Wayne weighs in on his shares in News International dropping after the Millie Dowler phone hacking scandal.

  3. Reply i the t November 1, 2011 02:28 am

    Junkyard Bond
    Too Short-Selling
    Lords of The Underwriters
    Queentative Lateaser
    Warrants G

    • Reply Dan Large November 2, 2011 13:37 pm

      That’s some fine work there.

  4. Reply Rich November 2, 2011 15:15 pm

    Chip & Pins: Chip-Fu’s top tips on selecting a secure pin number.
    Cheque The Technique: Primo’s top tips on keeping your cheque book in order.
    Inside Lloyds Bank with Lloyd Banks
    Rupee Love: G-Unit and 213 kick props to India’s national currency.
    Real to Riyal: Brazil-to-Yemen Exchange rate advice from Grand Puba.
    Big Rube’s Big Rubles: Belarus ballin’ with the Dungeon Fam stalwart.
    Frank n’ Dank’s Dank Francs: The Detroit duo discuss their clothes cleaning currency calamity on tour in Switzerland.
    Nothin’ Move But The Money: Internet Banking with Mic Geronimo.

  5. Reply Rich November 2, 2011 17:04 pm

    Three Digit Security Code of The Streets: The Flip-Side of Primo’s credit cards
    Stocks Is High: Investment Advice from De La Soul
    Ooh, Ah, Krona-na-na-na: Big Daddy Kane examines the legacy of the Scandinavian Monetary Union
    Sicker Than The Dow Jones Average: Biggie’s greatest Stock Market Triumphs

  6. Reply keyboard money merkel November 17, 2011 15:55 pm

    Light That Asset On Fire
    Northern Rock The House
    Defecittin on Chrome
    Smokin’ mad marx-ism
    DJ stock market crash slaughter

  7. Reply i the t November 20, 2011 07:39 am

    DJ Owed Money

  8. Reply TPaul May 28, 2012 18:48 pm

    Nice one. Thanks for sharing.

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