‘Used Vol.1’ by @iamfakeblood

OK, so real LDN heads know exactly who @iamfakeblood is, if not, peep this mix of rare breaks to get schooled. When this dude says he didn’t use reissues, CD’s, mp3’s etc, he means it. He’s an O.G. digger, still found in dusty vinyl spots to this day and Bona fide B-Boy. Hell, I used to present a radio show with him, he was the original All City Show DJ. T, thanks for taking it back like only you can.


2 Responses to "‘Used Vol.1’ by @iamfakeblood"
  1. Reply FAKE BLOOD July 22, 2011 13:31 pm

    This link has expired.
    So here’s a new one:

    Share and distribute at will!

    Vol. 2 on the way soon…


  2. Reply The Ageing B-Boy January 8, 2012 19:21 pm

    Best mixes I’ve heard in a while – and there’s 6 of ’em as well!

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