Eminem ‘Not Afraid’

Hit or Shit, you decide…

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17 Responses to "Eminem ‘Not Afraid’"
  1. Reply dan April 29, 2010 09:36 am

    Woah, who the fuck thinks this song is not a hit? This is the best rap song I have heard in a long time.

  2. Reply PubCrawl April 30, 2010 03:13 am

    Can somebody just stop all these rappers from fucking singing? For gods sake, just rap. Get a DJ to scratch on the hook or something. Please.

  3. Reply vallejo April 30, 2010 11:45 am

    This sounds like something that Drake or B.O.B. would come out with.

    Not good.

  4. Reply fil April 30, 2010 14:07 pm

    i couldn’t even listen to the whole thing. plus he started talking about the weather..

  5. Reply i the t April 30, 2010 18:34 pm


  6. Reply stiggy May 8, 2010 17:48 pm

    if this was by a relatively unknown artist nobody would even blink an eyelid. I know 7 year rappers that’ll piss all over the last 8 years of EM’s work. Why do you people keep supporting this shit??? you’re killing real rap by doing that

  7. Reply FedexD May 19, 2010 18:11 pm

    There is no “true” or “real” hip hop and people need to stop talking about it. If some dude in the 90’s had tried to rap like and early 80’s rapper then he would have been considered garbage. Same with a rapper from 91 rapping in 1999. When NWA came out they sounded nothing like anything anyone else had made. Truth is there have been many different styles of hip-hop and several different Eras. Oh yeah, and they used to sing on those early 80s records too.

  8. Reply PUSSU May 20, 2010 09:28 am


  9. Reply i the t May 20, 2010 11:05 am

    “Oh yeah, and they used to sing on those early 80s records too”.

    Very very rarely mate.

    most of the time the chorus was just some scratching or the rapper saying the title of the track every 2 bars. Singing in the chorus was a problem when it started. It was very noticeable and stuck out like a sore thumb.
    People would say “eh, why the fuck are they singing ? it’s hip-hop!” etc.

  10. Reply live on stage May 23, 2010 03:25 am

    nice & smooth, biz markie, b-real and many more did sing song choruses, the difference was it was tongue in cheek with them.

  11. Reply live on stage May 23, 2010 03:26 am

    slick rick has some good sung choruses, ‘why, why why’ is a fave.

  12. Reply i the t May 23, 2010 03:41 am

    none of them are early 80’s though, which is what Fedex was saying.

    perhaps he didn’t mean “early 80’s” but rather early hip-hop (from the 80’s) actually..

  13. Reply live on stage May 25, 2010 12:03 pm

    yes, your right, their not early 80’s, early 80’s did have singing, fearless 4, cold crush etc. all used singing, but it wasn’t as wack as this eminem attempt.

  14. Reply eminem June 2, 2010 04:35 am

    fuck u all is the best now go to hell mother fukers

  15. Reply wwe wwe June 2, 2010 08:06 am

    fuck this shit eminem is the best so fuck you all

  16. Reply wwe wwe June 2, 2010 08:20 am

    fuck u all hes da bomb

  17. Reply wwe wwe June 3, 2010 08:19 am

    die fuckers die fuckers suck my balls

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