Diddy to buy Cristal Palace?


Back in the day, any football team that dipped into financial peril would have a news story written about it “exclusively revealing” that Colonel Gaddafi was linked with a move for the club. Those days are long gone now, and instead The Sun is exclusively revealing that Sean Coombs briefly considered buying out Portsmouth before being moved into a bid for Crystal Palace “because he liked the name”. The differences between Gaddafi and Diddy couldn’t be clearer: one is a power-crazed relic of a degenerate period in their country’s history who someone still clings to power because he ordered the murders of his closest associates in order to stay on the throne, and the other is P Diddy.

Anyway, a more socially conscious website would now move into talking about how this is a negative development, that foreign investment by playboys in British football is stripping clubs of their identity, causing financial irregularities in the short-term and financial meltdown in the long-term, and inevitably ushering in an Americanised-system of closed-shop franchises. However, we’re not that website, you know how we do at Fat Lace, and therefore…..

The Croydon Killuminati
This Means Warnock
Poppin’ Them Coppells
Nah Wright
The Humpty Danns
What you know about the dirty Southgate?
Clint Cypress Hill
Suga Freedman
Ready to N’Diaye
Shorty Lombardo

Also bonus points for anyone who puts together a Youtube video of Victor Moses passes with “I’ll Be Missing You” played over the top.

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  1. Reply Rich March 18, 2010 15:02 pm

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    Charlie Mann Parrish
    Gregg Nice Berhalter
    Celly Selhurst Park
    Emmerson Boyce n’ The Hood
    Black Rock n’ Ron Noades

  2. Reply brian beck from wiscompton March 18, 2010 15:49 pm

    The Cahill That’s Real
    Francis Jazzy Jeffers
    Pass The Gattuso
    Clinton MorriSunz Of Man
    Project Windass
    Turf Moor Talk
    Pele Their Caps Back
    Dwyck Yorke
    Only Built 4 Jan Vennegoor of Hesselinx
    Oleg Luzhny Built 4 Cuban Linx
    Trap Goin’ BeckHam

  3. Reply Rich March 18, 2010 16:50 pm

    Can’t Warnock The Hustle
    Butterfield Mob
    My Derek Possee’s on Broadway
    “Never eat at Denny’s and party like Nathanial Pinney” – Jay-Z

  4. Reply Raymond March 19, 2010 09:16 am

    Chris Armstrong Steady

  5. Reply Mr Bozack March 20, 2010 19:12 pm

    Neil Warnockin’ boots
    Alan Parrish Smith
    Ian Treat ‘Em Wright
    Neil Danns To My Ministry
    Mark 45 King Bright

  6. Reply dopeonarope March 21, 2010 13:08 pm

    Emmerson Boyce ‘N’ The Hood

    Timbaland and Magoo – Coppell That Shit
    Outkast – Darren Ambrosa Parks
    KMD – Hot Butterfield on Popcorn

  7. Reply mustard March 26, 2010 09:44 am

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