A Gentleman’s Guide to Hip-Hop History

4 Responses to "A Gentleman’s Guide to Hip-Hop History"
  1. Reply Alan Partridge October 27, 2009 19:05 pm


    That banjo sounds kinda funky to me! Is that a first in hip-hop?!

    I think producers should start looking to loop up banjo landen records of old. It could be the next big thing. Further more most banjo records are probably over 50 years old, so you wouldn’t have to pay for the sample either! Winner!

  2. Reply OlStoveTop October 27, 2009 21:29 pm

    I hope this guy doesn’t live anywhere near me, because I want to beat him to death with that fuckin banjo!

  3. Reply i the t October 28, 2009 16:07 pm


  4. Reply banjo killer October 29, 2009 08:26 am

    I live in Brighton where this vid was shot.
    If i ever see this prick i will stab him with his banjo.

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