G.O.O.D. T-Shirt


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  1. Reply brian beck from wiscompton September 11, 2009 13:01 pm

    Rejected ideas time, anyone?

    Bad Bhoyz – Shyne and Black Rob admit watching Old Firm derbies on ESPN helped kill time in prison.

    The Weakest Linx : OB4CL Vs. OB4CL 2, which is better?

    Only Built 4 Cuban Lynx : Raekwon talks deodorant.

    Murda Was The Case – Irv Gotti puts those Murda-Inc was started to launder drug money from Kenneth ‘Supreme’ McGriff’s criminal empire rumours to bed as he confesses that ex-Liverpool/Brighton/Southampton/Wrexham footballing hardman Jimmy Case provided the start-up funding.

  2. Reply JUKU September 27, 2009 20:52 pm

    This shirt is wack as shit. Freshjive is just hoppin on the”I hate Kanye” bandwagon. How quick people forget. The man that brought positive soul back to hip-hop, gave us classic albums, songs as well as artists is gettin shitted on. How quick people forget…

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