Eminem takes inspiration from the Shroud Of Turin for album cover


Likening himself to Jesus, Eminem took inspiration from the Shroud Of Turin for his new album cover, he broke it down for us. “After I lost the plot on Vicodin I started to see my face appear in strange places like in the cat’s litter tray, on the side of cars or I’d see a tree in the shape of my face.” admitted the somewhat distant rapper to Fat Lace. “Then during my hiaitus, or path to recovery as I called it, I saw a documentary on the Discovery Channel all about this dude who saw Jesus’ face on his towel whilst staying at a Holiday Inn somewhere in Italy. It was so crazy because that’s what I experienced. That’s how it came about”. Revealed Eminem exclusively to Fat Lace.

Have you ever seen your face in the clouds or even seen Eminem’s face for that matter. Maybe he isn’t crazy after all. More sightings after the jump…

Sarah from West Sussex saw Em’s face on the arse of a huge fat lady…


Tom from Newcastle saw Em’s face on an apple this morning…


2 Responses to "Eminem takes inspiration from the Shroud Of Turin for album cover"
  1. Reply ru April 21, 2009 16:36 pm

    Oh, I thought he took his inspiration from T.I.’s last album…. I guess not.

  2. Reply brian beck from wisconsin April 22, 2009 06:39 am

    It’s wrong but that planet of an arsehole is actually kinda doin’ it for me this morning.

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