The Roth of Kane

Sorry about the pun, best we could do with a hangover. Watch the video then we’re interested to know, are you buying into this kid? Cop the mixtape HERE.

2 Responses to "The Roth of Kane"
  1. Reply brian beck from wisconsin March 1, 2009 07:14 am

    I can’t quite say Fuck a cracker, period as i’m a fan of certain records by the Beasties, Bubba, 3rd Base, R.A and Eminem but white people are generally evil and shouldn’t be allowed to rap.

    This guy is appalling. Possibly even worse than Theopolis London, which really is quite an achievement.

  2. Reply 102 names March 1, 2009 14:09 pm

    Any self respecting fan of Hip Hop music would not even consider this to be worthy of enetering their eardrums. 1xtra play his tune all day, but it’s just another case of radio playing whatever the majors shove their way and it’s obvious he’s trying to be the new eminem, even trying to sound a bit like him, but the thing is, despite his numerous third rate tracks Eminem can actually rhyme, has skills and lyrics, has made a few classics and was original when he came out, this guy is just aweful, regardless of his skin colour.

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