Freaky Fridays #17

What would Fridays be without the sight of some porn star rocking a musty old rap T-shirt we haven’t actually worn since 2001? Largely the same, probably, but that isn’t going to stop us introducing you to the fantastically named Boroka Balls, a Hungarian hottie who is one of Private’s ‘Sexclusive’ girls. You can see her not safe for work blog here. Everyone’s a frickin’ blogger these days. A big up to Matt Berry and the Club Magazine crew for coming through in the clutch for us, although you should sack the snapper. We’ve seen cave paintings in better focus.

Of course, Boroka is blissfully unaware of the cultural importance of her wearing this T-shirt, in that it’s the first recorded example in history of a female having anything to do with the Okayplayer brand. We imagine their forums are crashing as you read this as they try to come to terms with this sea change.

2 Responses to "Freaky Fridays #17"
  1. Reply brian beck from wisconsin June 27, 2008 13:26 pm

    An eastern european Melinda Messenger who has probably done a grip of scat-porn in her time? Mmmmm.

    I’ve only looked at Okayplayer about twice, one time being the Fiascogate thread, but it’s impossible to read as you can’t tell what are the actual posts and what are the sigs unless they’ve got a generic Common or Chappelle quote or a Dilla R.I.P pic in it.

  2. Reply End Level Boss June 27, 2008 14:45 pm

    I’d hit it.

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