DJ Mighty Mi…Live from Las Vegas #1

DJ Mighty Mi @ Blush, Las Vegas

Ever wondered what happened to The High & Mighty, the guys behind a string of underground hits such as ‘Dirty Decibels’, ‘B-Boy Document’ as well as Smut Peddlers of course. Well as you can see from the photo, Eastern Conference C.E.O. Mighty Mi has now retired off the vast earnings he ratcheted up from 12″ sales in the late nineties. He now lives in Las Vegas where he has Hands On Experience of voluptuous blonde Russians hanging off his Dick Starbuck while he examines their Hole Repertoire on the reg reg. We persuaded him to come out of retirement and report live from Vegas each month to regale us with stories of his lavish playboy lifestyle.

For the first instalment he sent us an exclusive mix called Blog Hop, a splendid collection of mash ups and remixes he has scoured from the blogosphere. In doing so he has officially birthed a whole new sub-genre. Blog Hop ya don’t stop.

DOWNLOAD HERE (click ‘more’ for the track listing)


2 Responses to "DJ Mighty Mi…Live from Las Vegas #1"
  1. Reply Toddy Tee June 3, 2008 18:05 pm

    Nice mix – thanks FL

  2. Reply Una Stubbs June 4, 2008 12:49 pm

    I don’t want to hate but that first blend with Ghostface and Jo Boyer is way off…

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