Rappers Retirement Homes 13

We’re not surprised that Mac Mall, a rapper who in 1999 released an album called ‘Mallenium’ (how prescient is that?) is on his grizzly when it comes to the papers. As everyone in Vallejo knows, Mac has been repping the bay since the early 90’s, coming up under the late Mac Dre (now literally ghostriding the whip) and releasing a whole stackola of albums with pun titles. However, whilst we can forgive ‘The Macuscripts’, we think he’s pushing his luck with the generally dope ‘Thizziana Stoned and the Temple of Shrooms’. Still, spitting a hot 16 is just his hobby, as he makes his real scrill running the No. 1 Apple Direct Reseller. Need to flip that Mac OS X Leopard? Mac’s your man. Want the pointlessly thin Macbook Air to play a game of technological oneupmanship? It’s the return of the Mac. Need a Mac Mini? Actually, that could be confusing as it’s both an Apple product and the name of his son. Best to stick to ordering one of his wide range of iPod accessories.

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  1. Reply brian beck from wisconsin April 24, 2008 07:16 am

    Turf Talk often references the green in his rhymes and mentions how he has other methods of income besides rapping, doesn’t he? I thought he was talking about selling class a drugs to young gentlemen from the Bay Area who enjoy dancing on moving cars but, no, it turns out that he’s a lawncare expert who’ll bring that base to your plot of grass back. You’ve seen him in his xxxl coke-white tall tees but, for the right price, he’ll stop Fusarium Patch flaring up on tees and greens following intensive autumn remedial work. So, if everyday wear and tear on your bowling green is making your grass a little Sick Wid It then who you gonna call? That’s that Turf Talk!



  2. Reply AaronM April 24, 2008 11:31 am

    Thanks for using my idea, FL! Funny ish.

  3. Reply Give Thizz To Yo Kidz April 25, 2008 04:46 am

    One of the best covers and album titles for years!

  4. Reply i the t April 29, 2008 07:29 am

    has this site been abandoned ?

  5. Reply Drew Huge April 29, 2008 12:14 pm

    No, I the T, you’ll notice that the Fat Lace Filler section has been updated frequently this week. Main updates are just a little slower than usual as one of our main writers is in the process of moving house. No broadband is a bitch, yo. Normal hating will soon be resumed

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