White Rap Pass Revoked #2: All White UK Rappers

UK Rappers

Rapping is the birthright of every African American, they invented it. Rapping is certainly not the birthright of any White Americans though some have earned their rap pass and we’ll credit them in due course. Listening to African Americans rap and realising they shouldn’t do it themselves is the only birthright of white Brits. Now, we’re not ignorant to the fact that some whites in the UK have given it a good go, some even got skills, we’re not denying that, but those skills should be confined to paper and shouldn’t be amplified upon undeserving ears. Rap was born of struggle. The only struggle most white UK rappers experience is from being too lazy to get a proper job and deluding themselves that being a career rap artist is their calling. News just in! It is absolutely not. Stop it now. By all means continue to rap but you’ll be driving without a license. We just revoked it.

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  1. Reply ????? March 27, 2008 22:01 pm

    the irony is that the (white) authors are still happy to milk hip-hop’s audience for their salaries through hhc

  2. Reply Seamus Flannery March 28, 2008 09:19 am

    What are you frickin on about? ‘MILK’ the audience? Unless you’re talking Audio 2, then hush your noise. What kind of evidence are you basing that on? Journalists who genuinely love hip hop and want to bring it in to a wider realm take on a job with very little remuneratory benefit, and you go and spout some rubbish like that?
    HHC is a cultural landmark and should be praised for its continued quality.

    P.S. Check dictionary.com or any other leading printed dictionaries (Oxford is one of my favourites) for a break down of the meaning of ‘irony’.
    The fact that there is simply a smaller black:white ratio in Britain never cross any of your minds?

  3. Reply hmmmmnaaaaaahmate March 28, 2008 10:24 am

    fukin ignorant prixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Reply lace da booze March 28, 2008 16:43 pm

    emcee killa – is there seriously someone using this name in 2008?!

  5. Reply Ldn 64 March 29, 2008 06:09 am

    HAHA, This site is shit. Aids for all of you supportin these ignorant pricks.

  6. Reply ?????? March 30, 2008 14:13 pm

    “Journalists who genuinely love hip hop and want to bring it in to a wider realm take on a job with very little remuneratory benefit”

    Seamus: You could easily switch the word “journalists” for “uk emcees” and that sentence would still stand true.

    The irony is the suggestion made in this article, that it’s ok for a (white) journalist to write about hip-hop and “bring it in to a wider realm take on a job with very little remuneratory benefit”, but it’s not ok for a (white) emcee or DJ to do the same thing.

    That is the irony I’m talking about mate, I know fully well what it means.

    Fair play, everyone is entitled to their own opinion on which magazines they like or don’t, so I won’t argue with you there. But saying that a white person is allowed to make a living (however small) as a hip-hop journalist, but not as a hip-hop emcee (or producer, dj, breaker etc) is ironically wrong.

    Hope you understand.

  7. Reply Mystery April 23, 2008 12:15 pm

    Its not always about skin, …my skin is white and my mothers skin is brown…i get to see things from a different prospective i’ve had racism from whites and blacks and if you ask me i will tell you that most racists are jealous insecure ignorant, scared and stupid….raps heart is street and on my street the kids are all nations am i supposed to seperate them up telling the white ones “no rap for you ..ur white u got work in an office…ur black so ur allowed ..ur indian u better train as a cook …thats fucking bullshit …let them go where their hearts lead them this aint the 60,s and we don’t need to revert back to it keep movin forward….hiphop is about uniting us and making us stronger we are all one nation under hiphop…remember “divide and concur”….

  8. Reply mystery April 23, 2008 12:26 pm

    quick note to I THE T nutriment was a grove boy london west 10…its massive attack that where from nottingham they used to call themselves the wildbunch

  9. Reply A white emcee June 17, 2008 02:44 am

    I think your all faggots,who says u have tha right to tell people what they can and cant do,or what music they can or cant make,fuck you,your basically all racist cunts by saying that white people cant rap . . . .oh hmmm,yes i see how skin colour affects the brain and the skills of white people that rap hmm,yes,deffinitly a scientific fact ; that your all morons . . . .get a life

  10. Reply A white emcee June 17, 2008 02:57 am

    People that are ACTUALLY for this argument instead of against it kindly do 2 things A)buy a gun B)put a bullet in your head
    That way you’ll have something in there occupieing that empty space where ur brain should be,and you’ll need a gun to hammer that bullet through ur thick fuckin skulls . . . HIP HOP IS NOT GOING AWAY . . . WHETHER WHITE OR BLACK IT AINT GOING NOWHERE GET USED TO IT YOU STUPID MISTAKES OF HUMAN LIFE

  11. Reply A white emcee June 17, 2008 03:00 am


  12. Reply loving music from any colour... August 10, 2008 20:22 pm

    well said ‘a white emcee’, the whole point of music is the sound and meaning that is conveyed. it becomes superficial when people get wrapped-up(excuse the pun!) in the image. no one can make a sweeping statement like, white people don’t have it hard etc, no one knows about an individual’s personal experience and how it will impact their creativety/music. it shows simplistic thinking and low intelligence. no one has the divine right to decide which genre people can or cannot adopt, its laughable! some of the comments above are outrightly racist, in my experience people are usually like this because they are insecure/unhappy with their own lives and want an outlet… maybe they should take up rapping/therapy or something..!

  13. Reply i the t December 22, 2008 14:31 pm


    wrong newtrament moved to w10 but is from nottm.

    massive are from bristol and can not walk in nottm.

  14. Reply murk wrekka February 2, 2010 13:02 pm

    this is wrong…how can u say color and financial background have any bearing on whether someone has the right to rap or not…i grew up near the birthplace of rap (queens, new york) n most of the hottest acts there are white…n 4 the uk ive barely heard anything fresh from there…(and ive listened 2 alot of grime since im a huge fan of dub step…(best stuff outta the uk is usually electronic music which is a big influence on my production))…this article is blatantly racist (and maybe even a stunt 2 illicit site hits…) i hope you loose traffic and your site goes under…

  15. Reply murk wrekka February 2, 2010 13:08 pm

    yo i jut heard Skinnyman sit is 1337

  16. Reply mike walker February 12, 2010 19:55 pm

    @ Brian from wisconsin … i agree with most of your choices but have to disagree with Blade as not being a decnt or good rapper. you might not agree with what he has to say or not like his voice or what he deals with, but the guy has skills and was a huge influence to a lot of people in europe both as artists and as doing thinbgs for self …. I don’t see how you can mention jehst or braintax as rubbish too? mike skinner on the other hand is blatently shit as is lady sov … you really can’t put jehst, blade or braintax in the same category as those. ibut it all comes down to taste and we all have our opinions of whats good and whats not. All I remember is when Blade released his firt two singles, the uk and europe went absolutely mental over those records … the guys is a legend as are jehst and braintax

  17. Reply Faeryn James March 29, 2010 15:11 pm

    I agree about the U.K. white boys… I lived there for a few years and it was embarrassing to see.
    I’m a white dude who grew up in the hood and I’ve seen my fair share of shitty black rappers who’s only struggle was to find a cadence.
    No matter where a genre originates cultrually speaking, being embraced by white people is flatter in the highest form. Imitating rather than emulating is lame.
    Most white cats can’t flow, but I know a few who are amazing. Illmaculate is a good example of a sick white rapper as well as his homie Iame can destroy.
    No one starts out great, so save the hype until you have skills worth the time it takes to listen to my fellow Crackahs.

    • Reply Nig May 1, 2011 17:48 pm

      White american rappers are literally all whiny little rich kids who couldn’t deal with the fact that daddy wouldn’t buy them a car for their birthday. Also, your shitty nasal jew voices sound terrible when you’re talking normally, let alone rapping. ‘We just revoked it’ – DERP DERP EVERYONE CARES ABOUT WHAT SOME GAY LITTLE AMERICAN MAGAZINE WEBSITE HAS TO SAY ON A SUBJECT THAT THEY CLEARLY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. Seriously america, when are you going to realise that the rest of the world hates you?

  18. Reply done May 2, 2011 12:36 pm

    Ah what happened to most of the comments? That was my favourite part of these posts.

  19. Reply fuck fat lace May 7, 2012 14:00 pm

    it’s pretty worrying how someone can consider themselves educated enough to write a blog on the subject of hip hop and yet exhibit such narrow mindedness at the same time

    i’m actually embaressed that the author of this listens to the same genre of music as me

    all these internet nerd rap bloggers need to be rounded up and sent to a camp in siberia

  20. Reply Yuhmaddq March 27, 2021 14:51 pm

    Oh fuck ooooooff

  21. Reply Yuhmadda March 27, 2021 14:52 pm

    Ya fuckin tosser

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