The Ultimate Biggie Vs. Tupac mix


After a very white week we’re hitting you off with some real rap. B.I.G. and ‘Pac are still kicking ass and they aren’t even here in the physical so we thought we bring you the ultimate Biggie and ‘Pac mixtape carefully crafted by Turkish and Lionel Rich. Once you’ve been schooled we’ll be back to hatin’ on that Cracker rap.

Biggie Side

Tupac Side

20 Responses to "The Ultimate Biggie Vs. Tupac mix"
  1. Reply Walter Biscuitz March 31, 2008 07:00 am

    Pac is ‘real rap’ now? They don’t/didn’t come more fake. Souljah Boy is more real.

  2. Reply Drew Huge March 31, 2008 07:04 am

    I apologise for my colleague’s failure to refer to Makaveli by his official name of ‘The Rapist Tupac’.

  3. Reply Dan Large March 31, 2008 07:52 am

    i knew I could rely on my co-editor to make that point hence the omission

  4. Reply Walter Biscuitz March 31, 2008 09:50 am

    Has anyone ever rhymed 2-Pac with Blue Tack and if not, why?

  5. Reply Koaste March 31, 2008 12:47 pm

    2Pac was okay, but I don’t get why he’s elevated to legend status. If he used some quality control while he was alive and only released the half decent stuff he wrote, I’d probably have a higher estimation of him…

  6. Reply brian beck from wisconsin March 31, 2008 13:35 pm

    Crackers in Makavelli clothing > crackers trying to rap

  7. Reply Koaste March 31, 2008 13:41 pm

    Ha ha ha… damn straight…

  8. Reply Fred Fence March 31, 2008 13:45 pm

    I thought ‘strictly 4 my…’ LP had some gems on, ‘I get around’ is a classic party Hip Hop tune from back in the day and he even shouts out ‘my white n**ga everlast’ on the LP so put that in your cracker rap pipe and smoke it. I’m off to listen to the legend that is 2-park (as Westwood calls him!)

  9. Reply i the t March 31, 2008 15:29 pm

    tupac was an all rounder.

    he had a shit voice, shit flow and shit lyrics.

    the only track i liked at all was that one with the cartoon video and that was the beat really.

  10. Reply salvador darlo March 31, 2008 17:35 pm


    to be fair – he probably is a rapist though

  11. Reply lace da booze March 31, 2008 18:29 pm

    Fuck all u bitch ass h8erz, 2pac is da best ev..

    sorry, wrong board

  12. Reply ayotollah iraq March 31, 2008 18:32 pm

    you people are so sad. 2pac is a hip hop legend like it or not, lol @ saying soulja boy is more real haha. u guys just cant handle the fact that he is better than your lil waynes an 50 cents. hell, your favorite rappers’ favorite rapper is probably 2pac. oh an he isnt a rapist, wasnt convicted of rape and that just shows you guys dont know what your talkin bout.

  13. Reply JimmyC March 31, 2008 18:42 pm

    ‘lol’ @ iraq

  14. Reply Enoch Power March 31, 2008 18:56 pm

    This is more like a real hip hop comment sheet. None of your learned reminiscences about the first time you blew your load into an Audio Two record sleeve while felching Overlord X ar Mr Bongos back in ’89. Let’s get down with some striggedy straight up 2Pac homoerotic fawning. Let’s ride.

  15. Reply i the t April 1, 2008 01:48 am

    ^roflmaonsiotfaihtciulafs !!!

    the facts >>>

    2 pac was a drama student and actor before he was a rapper.

    case closed.

  16. Reply Walter Biscuitz April 1, 2008 05:26 am

    @ iraq

    Souljah Boy Supermans and supersoaks ho’s. I believe him when he says this.

    I don’t believe what actors say because they act.

    Ergo, your favourite rap(ist)star is fake.

    Haterz Get Mad Cuz I Got Me Some Bathing Apes?

  17. Reply brian beck from wisconsin April 1, 2008 08:20 am

    I Got Me Some Bapes > i got me a seashell necklace and some stonewashed jeans as i’m dancing in Digital Underground videos

  18. Reply lace da booze April 1, 2008 15:16 pm

    his vers on ‘Same Song’ is still one of his best.

    can you post the Fat Lace (issue 3?) 2Pac gets shot thing. cant remember much about but it was funny

  19. Reply Walter Biscuitz April 2, 2008 19:28 pm

    yes @ Same Song

  20. Reply what The fuck April 2, 2008 21:03 pm

    Actually being in a Digital Underground video > Wearing glasses with writing on them

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