White Rap Pass Revoked #1: Everlast


Call him Everlast, call him Whitey Ford, but definitely call him banned. We extend our first lifetime cracker ban to Everlast. Stop rapping, cracker ass cracker! And stop singing/rapping as well. His early song ‘I Got The Knack’ should have been called ‘I Got The Crack(er)’. After out-quiffing even Vanilla Ice in his Rhyme Syndicate days, Everlast then reinvented himself as the oirish lovechild of David Caruso and Jimmy McNulty swigging Mickey’s Big Mouth beer and indulging themselves in sickening Guinness-sponsored Paddy’s Day sentimentality. As Whitey Ford, he got Dante Ross and John Gamble to blot their copybooks whilst inviting Tommy Boy to further squander some 20 years of goodwill with hip-hop fans. We’re sure that now his Whitey Ford persona has stopped selling records, he’ll be onto something else. Oh yes, La Coka Nostra. Banned for blatant career opportunism and wack MC’ing. If we hear you on a mic any time soon, expect fines.

44 Responses to "White Rap Pass Revoked #1: Everlast"
  1. Reply Robbie Coltrane aka Cracker March 22, 2008 12:37 pm

    Yeah, but he was good on that swollen members 12″ 10 years ago wasn’t he if I remember correctly, if he just does his straight up rhymin.

  2. Reply Antonio March 22, 2008 18:15 pm

    Everlast is actually quite good…

  3. Reply Give Thizz To Yo Kidz March 22, 2008 18:45 pm

    You can’t knock his second verse on the new LCN track.. seriously

  4. Reply Dart_Adams March 22, 2008 19:03 pm

    If this a joke it’s funny. If you’re at all serious then I have to say “No”. To this entire post. Wack emceeing? Everlast? Nah….


  5. Reply lace da booze March 22, 2008 19:38 pm

    ‘Everlast is in effect gettin big respect that I collect in cheques
    1s, 5s, 10s and 20s
    100 Gs and Im pumpin honeys’

    ‘The Iceberg’ a cert classic and so is everyone on it

  6. Reply jacobs cream cracker March 22, 2008 19:47 pm

    actually…didn’t the fatlace guys used to have a rap group that was a bit shit (I think they said that themselves in HHC), and their white guys too so maybe they’re just trying to make themselves feel better for it not taking off by having this campaign…

  7. Reply Bring Back Black Rap March 22, 2008 23:31 pm

    He really is rubbish, just like his partner in LSD Divine Styler.

  8. Reply JMack March 22, 2008 23:46 pm

    fuck everlast. he sucks.

    But fuck you guys for your shitty racial posts trying stir shit up propaganda. Shit is lame to the core.. I’d love… LOVE to interview your asses on our show. PLEASE email me. I doubt you will, chances are youre scared to step away from the keyboard.

  9. Reply FrozenAssets March 23, 2008 03:51 am

    Every artist cannot have 100% “hit” quality trax. But Ev definitely deserves props for DARING to go places with his art. I’m talkin’ MUSIC, not the posturing that is endemic in hip hop. Not every black artist is good, race does not equate with talent. I’ll tell you this, some of Ev’s work grabs me, pulls me in … moves me. That makes GOOD music. To each their own. And … he has the COURAGE to expand his repertoire and not get stuck into a mold. If I remember correctly, his early work was when he was but a kid – he’s evolved; and, he is the FIRST one to scuff-ow some of his early attempts. I don’t think I’ve ever even heard anything from you. Stop the hater sh*t – it’s not productive and it absolutely demonstrates YOUR small mindedness. JUST a IMHO. Critique is different from criticism – again, to each their own.

  10. Reply Robbie Coltrane aka Cracker March 23, 2008 05:32 am

    Divine Styler’s dope.

  11. Reply Koaste March 23, 2008 06:27 am

    Fuck this… first bit on here I’ve strongly disagreed with for a long time. Everlast on his day is dope. Sure, he’s had some rubbish, but there ain’t many people who haven’t. He’s never been afraid to experiment, which in this day and age of sticking to the same tired old formula should be praised rather than ridiculed. Yeah, he looked stupid in the Rhyme Syndicate days, but Dr Dre looked pretty dumb in his WCWC days…

  12. Reply EatCockNDieURAllFagz March 23, 2008 06:44 am

    ^^^ I can’t believe people are taking the anti-cracka thing seriously.

  13. Reply brian beck from wisconsin March 23, 2008 06:57 am

    Acoustic guitar carrying 40 year Plastic paddy who now resembles John Goodman in The Big Lebowski and dresses like a 19 year old Harajuku scenester

    = BAN!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Reply Robbie Coltrane aka Cracker March 23, 2008 10:58 am

    Koaste -ban!!!! Only kidding.

  15. Reply Robbie Coltrane aka Cracker March 23, 2008 12:10 pm

    and I thought Dre looked pretty snazzy in his WCWC days, Hip Hop just hasn’t sounded as good since geri-curls went out of fashion.

  16. Reply Koaste March 23, 2008 13:38 pm

    Heh heh heh heh… Touche, RC… Gonna dig my purple lycra out of the cupboard right now…

  17. Reply cptimes.com March 23, 2008 14:49 pm

    But then you really might know what it’s like to sing the blues…

    I love that song by Everlast.


  18. Reply Tea La Kettle March 23, 2008 17:36 pm

    “so let me kick it, cos i can make a wicked noise like a cricket, rubbing his legs, my rhymes are like eggs…”

    i agree whole heartedly with this post, fucking old ass cracker. sounds like my dad trying to spit.

    although since you’ve started this campaign i’ve started to hate any cracker associated with hip-hop (including myself). the racial hatred is just all too consuming…

  19. Reply Killface March 25, 2008 12:12 pm

    You fuckin limeys are crazy. All House of Pain records are classics- no matter how many they sold. You’re just jealous you weren’t in The Rhyme Syndicate with such legends as Bronxstyle Bob and the Divine Styler. Yeah, Everlast had that one wack video…how many videos do you guys have?? Looks like you spent most of your teenage years taping every Tim Westwood radio show ever…when Everlast was in his teens he was kickin it with Ice T. You were kickin it with tea and crumpets. Don’t get me started on La Coka Nostra..next time you see Everlast in the UK you should walk up and tell him you’ve revoked his pass. Or go to his website- MartyrInc.com, and let him know. I’m sure he’d love to hear from you guys. Cheerio!

  20. Reply Killface March 25, 2008 12:19 pm

    Sorry that web address is http://sorrywe'renotinterested.com. [Edited by Fat Lace for reasons of tedium.] Hate to direct traffic to the wrong spot…and don’t forget about Danny Boy’s DailyDose.com They’re in the present-looks like you guys live in the past.


  21. Reply Drew Huge March 25, 2008 12:19 pm

    No, he can come to our website. We’re too busy taping current Westwood’s to drop on our blog in 2020 when we’re living on the moon.

  22. Reply Killface Killa March 25, 2008 13:25 pm

    Killface obviously doesn’t understand the notion of irony. Lighten up dude. Look carefully, Daily Dose is in the Fat Lace blogroll.

  23. Reply Killface March 26, 2008 12:56 pm

    And the definition of irony according to you is…? Still don’t get you guys. And sorry not to thoroughly examine everyone’s blogroll. I’m not bashing your site, I check it regularly, but I went back and read your comments again- and that’s not irony- that’s just blasting someone. Maybe if you had a heart attack and fell down a flight of stairs you’d write mushy songs too.


  24. Reply Drew Huge March 26, 2008 13:40 pm

    Killface, no-one who writes for this site has claimed there was any irony involved. We’re happy to set our phasers to blast occasionally. And after our heart attack quits, we’ll come back with more hits.

  25. Reply Killface March 26, 2008 15:08 pm

    Sorry I was on his site right before yours and he was writing about someheavy shit. Then I saw your “revocation” and maybe had a small overreaction. ?.I looked at my post this morning and couldn’t believe I wrote that. Call me sensitive, I don’t know. I was vexed, and the Whitey Ford stuff is corny as hell, but the House of Pain stuff is great. I didn’t realize it was “white week”…what about Paul C (RIP)?
    Anyway, thanks for the endless downloads of Westwood shows. I’ve downloaded more than a few.

    Requesting more Zulu Beats- Afrika Islam’s radio show.


  26. Reply lodijc March 31, 2008 09:24 am

    Are you kidding? You guys are a bunch of idiots. Everlast has written so many good songs and has put out alot of awesome music. Just because your black don’t mean you can rap. Black rappers are a dime a dozen. Every black kid growing up wants to be a rapper. It’s so hard to find a black rapper that stands out, that doesn’t sound like the same crap over & over. Everlast is one of the only true artist that can sing play guitar and rap great. If you paid any attention to his music in the song “Jump Around” he even says “Get used to one style than maybe I’ll switch” That’s because he is an artist, not a one dimention rapper. Get it right you scmucks! Everlast was playing guitar back when he was a teenager, it’s not something he decided to do one day.

  27. Reply epak April 21, 2008 03:43 am

    thats a wack article. I dont want to force people into liking that guy, but dissing someone because of his sucess and sound, his plain jelousy. I ban the writer of that crap not Everlast.

  28. Reply Er April 21, 2008 04:03 am

    Looks like someone is jelous! Go read a book or two and stop writing bullshit on the internet.

  29. Reply dk April 22, 2008 03:00 am

    Everlast music morphs into different phases without never missing a beat, just ask snoop, and now Hollywood.

    Dont hate..evaluate

  30. Reply gilz April 22, 2008 13:42 pm

    Thats some funny shit. Everlast by his own admission would say “i got the knack” was wack, but in fairness he was the best outa the rhyme syndicate which was all overseen by the king of all things wack, ice-t. House of pain were straight fuckin dope and did not use any irish imagery/themes on there second and third albums which were classics. You wanna serriously tell me you aint ever gone wild to jump around? even a cracker hating racist, could forget the dudes skin colour for that anthem. As for his other albums you aint gotta love em if your into hip hop, but give him some props for changin his style and not sellin out. whitey ford sings the blues was another classic. How many black artists can boast nearly twenty years in the rap game. 20 years in a game where he is racially one of a tiny minority. your blogs made me smile. funny thing is, your probaly 14 white and from liverpool. Mr. White forever

  31. Reply gilly April 22, 2008 13:54 pm

    also just been readin your Stop Crackers Rapping Campaign. man thats some hilarious shit. most entertained ive been on the net for along time. you gotta get some merchandise done with those logos on or i will.

    Everlast still rocks.

    Mr. White forever

  32. Reply NativeTongue02 April 27, 2008 06:30 am

    Yea who wrote this article? your a clown? go get a job at the circus! Now i am not saying that Everlast is the illest on the mic, nor will i dive into the white/black thing. I am just saying dude has skills, always has had skills, even if it isnt your cup of tea. There’s a reason why he has worked with the cats you mentioned plus many more. Dante Ross (de la soul, leaders of the new school, brand nubian, Del) Thought he was dope! And so has the many who have worked with him, Sadat X, Snoop, Guru, Cypress, Prince Paul, Alchemist, Dilated Peoples, RUN DMC, Fredwreck, Xzibit, Lord Finesse, Pete Rock, Diamond D, Nice & Smooth, Ice-T & many others. Thats not because the cat was white man! Its because the cat has skills. I just call it like i see it, i also think alot of people hated because he had the balls to pick up the guitar, even tho thats not my thing, i respect dude just for doing what he wanted to do and not giving a shit about people like whoever wrote this-native tongue

  33. Reply LaCokaNostraFan September 8, 2009 15:01 pm

    You’re a Racist Bastard!
    Everlast’s Rap Group
    La Coka Nostra Have Just Released Their Debut
    Album “A Brand You Can Trust”
    And It’s Full Of Hatdcore Hip hop!
    Look Them Up!
    It’s All Members Of House Of Pain, ILL BILL Of Non Phixion And Slaine Of Special Teamz
    And Everlast Is Back On His GamE!!!

  34. Reply M0n0XiDe August 9, 2010 01:41 am

    All the woods bow down and they call me sire
    I’m the true peckerwood Caucasoid messiah
    I’m a crazy baldhead, death’s when I retire

    So uhh, snoop Dogg was ok with this verse when he recorded the hook?

  35. Reply gaga September 26, 2010 22:01 pm

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  36. Reply greg olson November 21, 2010 19:43 pm

    appearently he did

  37. Reply YOUR DAD BITCH February 7, 2012 20:54 pm

    HaHa what the fuck is this trash ? SHYT ! EverLast is called everlast 4 a reason he has out lasted most fake ass wack ass bullshyt pretend mc’s but ya HaHA KEEP hating pussy just cuz ur records dont sell .

  38. Reply Foreverlasting October 28, 2012 12:46 pm

    ANYONE that thinks everlast is wack is a dick sucking faggot. He’s more of a artist than a million of the black wack ass rappers out there. The queer that wrote this article can’t rap either yet he’s calling him out. Stupid bitch.

  39. Reply Jason n May 13, 2015 19:50 pm

    Yo whoever wrote this is about a dumbshit and has no clue about music, all Everlast’s solo stuff is the shit!! The house of pain and la coka nostra is real rap mot that fake candy rap like lil Wayne nikki minaj and drake, fuck man Maybe you like Justin beiber type “music” or maybe you like one direction, your the type of cat who disses people just to sound tough, everlast made the game in the yo mtv raps era so stfu and have a great day:)

  40. Reply Irish Pride September 2, 2015 05:23 am

    Thank God there are people out there other than myself who realize that Ev is one of the most underrated musicians/lyricists of our time. It was amazing to see so many people defend him with such passion…. REAL ART still lives! The man has lasted in this cutthroat industry since he was just 19 years old, I’d say that is pretty fuckin hard to achieve without talent. And people don’t necessarily “reinvent” the EVOLVE. As far as the race bullshit, what other ‘cracker’ did Ice T endorse and see talent in? Right. Just Everlast. The writer of this bullshit should be ashamed, you obviously did no research nor would you recognize talent if it was biting you in the ass. I’m so glad all these people came at you, and many nailed it when pointing out that you are obviously just a huge hater. The entire article could’ve been paraphrased as “I’m jealous of Everlast’s white ass and feel threated by him and/or his success.” Would have saved you a good bit of typing. Smh….clueless dildo.

  41. Reply Reneck December 4, 2016 17:25 pm

    I love Everlast’s music. The only people that diss someone’s music is just wacked jealous. Of someone doesn’t like a certain artist just move on. At least Everlast is following his dreams. Peace!

  42. Reply JBacaD September 12, 2018 22:00 pm

    This clearly sounds like it was written by a black kid who sucks at rap and has decided to shit on caucasian talent instead of accepting his fate on the McDonald’s french fryer station. It’s very evident that he’s been doing music this long because the public likes his product. He hasn’t had this longevity because he sucks. I think FagLace is produced by someone who approached Eric Shrody and asked to taste his pecker, to which he replied “Hell no!” and moved on.
    Now he’s butt heart, so Everlast “gets his pass revoked”. What a joke.

  43. Reply Rocco81 November 19, 2019 15:30 pm

    What kind of trash is this Fatlace mag? I’ll be the first to say I never got into the Whitey Ford stuff too much, but he had a few decent tracks. Make no doubt I respect and recognize Ev’s talent to write songs, play guitar & sing and his nack for generally making hit music. With H.O.P he was great, lyrics, cadence, voice and delivery were ALL on point. Now with the writers here, if you’re white and calling him a cracker, maybe its just a joke…and I think I heard you’re Englishmen? So yeah you don’t even get the vibe behind that term…so move on. Work on getting some better “birds” on your page.

  44. Reply Nonya July 12, 2020 09:27 am

    Go play in traffic you racist cock sucker.

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