Lil Wayne London show ends in violence

Following on from recent reports that Lil Wayne’s showcase in London ended in violence, who the hell is surprised at that? Firstly, who in their right mind would put the show at Stratford Rex? Secondly, how did anyone get into the show with a Champagne bottle? Thirdly, why is Wayne so mardy? All we see is footage of him on stage complaining or yelling at his DJ. Lastly, what’s a rap show without a bit of ultra-violence? It’s worrying when the crowd are more entertaining than the artist. Check the full report first hand here courtesy of our boy Kirk Harding.

3 Responses to "Lil Wayne London show ends in violence"
  1. Reply Give Thizz To Yo Kidz March 25, 2008 09:29 am

    He actually did well to perform the few tracks that he did before his first exit. Before finally being instructed by his giant bodyguard to stop the show, there were no less than four full-blown brawls going on behind the DJ booth.

    It could have been a great show, and the venue itself was fine structure-wise (I can only assume Fat Lace is implying Wayne shouldn’t perform anywhere near the hood – or UK version thereof – when he’s in Britain and should go for somewhere more trendy, less thug… they’d be right), it’s just that the security were great at groping mens’ ball sacks but when it came to ensuring the security of the crowd and artist they didn’t have a clue. I didn’t even see one bouncer inside the actual venue. By now hopefully he’s fired his booking agent and realised how shit UK offices of international labels are of doing anything hip-hop related… watch how they pat themselves on their backs with Estelle knowing full well they treated her like a cancerous growth for the first half of her career…

  2. Reply Prone March 25, 2008 09:59 am

    Preach Thug music & you will attract thugs .. even half ass wannabe gangsters in Stratford would want a piece of the action… it just aint Hip Hop

  3. Reply EatCockNDieURAllFagz March 27, 2008 20:08 pm

    well said Prone… Lil Wayne is complete bollocks.

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