House Of Pain on Max ‘n’ Dave


Before you groan and wonder what the hell we’re going to say next about crackers, it’s ‘White Week’ here at Fat Lace and we thought we’d shelve the hateration for a minute and hit you off with another rare treat in the form of more vintage rap radio courtesy of Kiss FM’s Max n Dave from back in ’92. Drum roll. Here’s their full and uncut interview with House Of Pain. As ever it’s a fascinating snapshot of a time when white rappers were a genuine novelty not an entire sub-genre of soulless garbage. Even Max n Dave seemed taken by their Irish charm. So before our more sensitive readers reach for their copy of Ego Trip’s Big Book Of Racism and bang their wireless keyboards in anger take a moment to thank us for gems like this then jump up, jump up and get down to hating us again.

Peep Danny Boy’s blog here and thanks as ever to our man Dave VJ.

3 Responses to "House Of Pain on Max ‘n’ Dave"
  1. Reply Chris de BO March 26, 2008 07:10 am

    thank you????you didint make jump up, jump up..did u?no….

  2. Reply Mattzki March 26, 2008 19:25 pm

    Ha! Was waiting to interview HOP in the lobby of their hotel on this trip, alongside their press officer, when a hack from HHC came in, begging the PO for five minutes, because they’d f*cked up on their booking (guess their editor must have been writing letters for Razzle when the call came in). Anyway, after the press officer had told them ‘no’, the guy turned to me – I had short hair and a goatee at the time, as did every other white kind into hip hop – and practically begged me for a quick interview. Because he couldn’t tell I wasn’t Everlast, like. Thought for about two seconds whether I could pull off a LA accent with a straight face, but bottled it.

    Oh yeah, and when I was in New York I couldn’t get a cab, either,

  3. Reply Drew Huge March 27, 2008 06:24 am

    Come on Matt, name names. Although the editor of HHC has no involvement in porn whatsoever, although of his writers just might… but not Razzle.

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