Great moments in Cracker Rap #1

ALC & Twin

As you might have gathered from this week’s entries, we be hatin’ them Crackers. We’ve only handed out one of our scarce Cracker Rap passes in 7 days, so Crackers better step up to grab one of those babies. Now some Crackers we’re not sure about, take ALC for example, a supremely talented producer but arguably a little rusty in the rap department. He’s done his thing but he ain’t going to be hailed as the next great white hope on the MIC just yet. It ain’t no thing tho’, his beats bang and that’s what’s important, with exception of this little beauty. Probably the most honest rap record ever made, possibly even the realest shit ever recorded. Let’s face it, most rap’s Bruckheimer on wax but, racial stereotyping aside, word for word this track’s the truth. For that reason alone we’ve made it our first great moment in Cracker Rap. Listen close.

p.s. all nominations for your great Cracker Rap moments welcome…

Twin Gambino & Alchemist – Different Worlds

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9 Responses to "Great moments in Cracker Rap #1"
  1. Reply brian beck from wisconsin March 28, 2008 12:49 pm

    I’m callin’ nepotism here because Maman is your man. He’s a a terrible rapper and unlike a lot of other offensive crackers he’s actually ruining perfectly fine production. I propose a measure where everytime Alc decides he’s going to ruin a perfectly fine dunn-rap track in future he somehow manages to hold himself back until he can get a Big Noyd verse.

    In fact, every track Alc has fucked up with his crackafied robot Evidence like flow from the past should automatically be remixed with Noyd verses replacing his own verses. Perfect example would be Alchemist ft. Prodigy – We Got This.

    Great moments in cracker rap :

    Beastie Boys – What Comes Around

    R.A The Rugged Man – Stanley Kubrick

    Bubba Sparxx & Sleepy Brown – Like It Or Not

    3rd Base – Product Of The Environment

    Cage – Agent Orange (tho it’s hard to listen to this since he decided to become cracker rap’s answer to My Chemical Romance)

  2. Reply Robbie Coltrane aka Cracker March 28, 2008 16:51 pm

    I second R.A. -Stanley Kubric


    Knucklehedz – ‘All SheWanted’
    Whooliganz ‘PutEm Up’ that WAS a great tune when it dropped, I don’t care what people think about it now.
    House Of Pain – Jump Around – Pete Rock Remix and ‘Who’s The Man’ is still sounding massive to me, that can still move a crowd

    YBT’s ‘Tap The Bottle’ – HUGE when it dropped,heads would go crazy when that dropped.

    3rd Bass ‘GasFace’, ‘Product OfEnvironment’ (I second that), ‘Gladiator’ rmx & ‘Microphome Techniques’, ‘Portrait Of The Artist’…too many, fuck it, both LP’s for me.

    7L & Esoteric ‘ Protocol’ VM remix and ‘BeAlert’

    Eminem ‘Just The 2 Of Us’ that OG version

    Visionaries ‘Love Hip Hop’

    Any verse by Super T aka Sundragon

    Beastie Boys ‘Brass Monkey’, ‘Hold It Now’, loads of their later stuff too, ‘Get It Together’, ‘Boomin Granny’…

    Cage ‘Radiohead’/’Agent Orange’ 12″

  3. Reply brian beck from wisconsin March 29, 2008 08:44 am

    I guess i should’ve mentioned a Paul Wall moment too. The Other Day, perhaps.

  4. Reply Robbie Coltrane aka Cracker March 29, 2008 09:55 am

    paul pall -chick magnet & sittin sidewayz

  5. Reply Robbie Coltrane aka Cracker March 29, 2008 09:56 am

    i meant paul wall obviously, paul pall’s his tribute act

  6. Reply Fred Fence March 29, 2008 16:20 pm

    I’m actually Paul Wall’s tribute act along with me mates Chabillionaire and Jike Mones (he’s a UK tribute act to Mike Jones)

  7. Reply Skylar April 6, 2008 15:33 pm

    ALC should be banished from speaking anywhere near a microphone. Different Worlds made me wanna barf when I heard it.

    Cracker rappers I’m cool with: Ryu from Styles of Beyond, Edan, Vintage House of Pain, Robbie’s right, Hank Shocklee killed it when he gave that tap the bottle beat to those Das Efx lite white kids. Hot track. Who’s the Man, On Point, Top o’ the mornin’ to ya, can’t fade them joints right there. I think God Forbid is a white cat. He’s one of my favorites right now. Whoolies’ Put ya handz up is still a slammin’ beat, and the fact that those little punks was like 13 is a crack up.

  8. Reply jory November 18, 2008 11:11 am

    Yeah, Ryu from S.O.B. is hugely underrated. Good call.

  9. Reply argue one September 3, 2009 05:42 am

    crackers can rap. the art called rap is a voice from the bottom of the pit, so if a person has something to rap about like poverty, drugs, jail, shit that is of a social struggle should get a pass. Minorities can play the white mans game of color coding. Only the blind can recognize real talent.

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