Rap Groups We Know Nothing About #2

The debate about the best rap names ever rages on. Last we heard, it was down to a straight shoot-out between Froggy Frog and MC Peaches or something. Useless. No, the best names ever are Street Rapper Godzilla, from Aggravated Assault, and the man we come to pay tribute to today: Aggressively Intense Fierce MC. Yep, it sounds made up. No, it isn’t. Dude is, however, so obscure that neither he nor the label this was released on – Impact records straight out of Staten Island – get an entry on Discogs. We rang the number – 718-448-5321 – that’s printed on the label, but as this came out in 1987, unsurprisingly there was no reply. Both sides are produced by Phil Harris – again, we draw a blank – who drops the cowbells on the A-side, ‘A New King Has Sprung’, which sounds vaguely reminiscent of Mixmaster Gee’s ‘The Manipulator’. The flip isn’t as much of a heater, due to some cheesy guitars, but AIF MC still comes off hard. Again, we throw this wide open to you. Help us, people…

Stream those joints:

Living Large

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A New King Has Sprung

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Or download those joints here:

Aggressively Intense Fierce MC

Intense MC

10 Responses to "Rap Groups We Know Nothing About #2"
  1. Reply whut? September 30, 2007 12:51 pm

    Is this something you bought in ’87 or found later whilst diggin’? You’d have to buy it with a name like that. Never heard of it/him. I guess someone must have heard of him.

  2. Reply moyinka September 30, 2007 13:13 pm

    i never heard of him either, but i agree, you’d have to be a fool not to buy it with a name like that. i’ve got some records that aren’t on discogs too.

  3. Reply yaboy po September 30, 2007 15:56 pm

    yo my nigga got that nigga tape at the house we was luaghin at it the otha day lol what would yall think of a nigga named pot of mc poet or the poet the mac jabar/ isasah hmm? iono i wanna kno i still havent decide my name

  4. Reply JimmyC October 1, 2007 06:45 am

    I can’t help you out with this one…crazy name though.

  5. Reply Mack'n'CheezeMC October 1, 2007 07:57 am

    HA!HA!..niggus said he was droppin back then
    damn yo i didnt believe em cos the demo i heard
    was maad wac fam..he told me he was popular in da UK cos of his name.lol..back in 87 i recall him sayin one of dem boys over in London was gonna put it on some rap compilation but it never made the deadline or suttin on those lines..he still out there grindin’, ayo i aint even gonna joke about what his Dj’s name was or his mother, nigga.
    *smells burning collard greens*

  6. Reply whut? October 1, 2007 16:25 pm

    discogs has many gaps

  7. Reply whoride October 1, 2007 16:38 pm

    He’s my cousin, he’s still rhyming, but they won’tlet him out fo a day to get his LP recorded, he been waitin 20 years, when he’s free in 2015 he gonna be killin’ motherfuckaz,move over hova

  8. Reply whut October 8, 2007 15:54 pm

    I bet edan could tell you a thing or 2 about this, he probably has 10 copies all on different coloured labels.

  9. Reply www.myspace.com/haitianstar January 5, 2009 06:35 am

    I love this Record. I got the Original on Vinyl.
    Does anybody know if this is the only Record he did?

  10. Reply Darnell Knights June 30, 2020 14:59 pm

    The artist Aggressively Intense Fierce MC, his name is Darnell Knights. It was pretty much produced in my house with not much experience. Things didn’t work out with management so I moved on. Eager to learn the music industry from the inside, I went on to work at Select Records where I promoted artists Chubb Rock, UTFO, and quite a few other artists. I’ve also worked at Pow Wow Records, as an A&R .

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