Freaky Fridays #2

We’re just getting our shit together ready for the full Freaky Friday launch next week. You won’t be disappointed. In the meantime here’s another shot of the lovely Renee Richards . In case you’re wondering, she’s smiling because she just read the Random Old School Name Generator from Issue 4 and came up with up with the rap name ‘Super Fat Rock’ which is what you’d need to buy her to have any chance of getting into her underwear.

Have a nice weekend ladies and gents, spend your time wisely, dig back into some of the recent archives and leave us some comments. How else do we know if you’re feeling us? We’ve got some HEAT for you next week.

Renne #2

5 Responses to "Freaky Fridays #2"
  1. Reply charlie September 28, 2007 16:17 pm

    word em up. So, I’m bumpin the fuck outta UGK’s first jam and its dope; forgot how dope if that’s possible
    ps Sugar Ray from Double XX is the man

  2. Reply charlie September 28, 2007 16:18 pm

    also i forgot what her titties looked like and want to see them again.

  3. Reply Tone Broke September 28, 2007 17:26 pm

    Thats more like it!! Now get yo shit together…..

  4. Reply brian beck from wisconsin September 29, 2007 06:21 am

    can we get a picture of her with badly airbrushed paintings of lord finesse and mike smooth on either ass-cheek?

  5. Reply Shaan September 30, 2007 19:23 pm

    I checked out this website for the first time today. I gotta say this is one of the best Hip Hop websites I’ve ever been to. Great job!

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