Westwood Wednesdays #23: Long Island Wildin’

Aiight. Y’all mothersuckers better realize Fat Lace run tings, tings nah run we. Seen? Ahem. OK, it’s been a busy week, we’re back on our posting grind and believe us, we got better things to do. So as we haven’t had a Westwood Wednesday for a minute we pulled out a good one. First thing, you lot better leave some comments to make us feel special. Secondly, we need you to tweet this shit, facebook this shit, email this shit or whatever because we ain’t busting our balls to bring you these gems without some amplification. Marketing speak, sorry.

So we’re taking a pause for the cause during EPMD Week and going back to nineteen eighty motherflippin’ nine. We’re talking The Powerful Powerlord, and that’s just Westwood. Yes it’s the one and only Sugar Bear…. in interview. You may remember the very first Westwood Wednesday, which was actually called Timothy Tuesdays back then, when we featured a Sugar Bear live session and there was more Sugar Bear here.  But aside from Coslit’s  finest, this is one hell of a show, just peep the track listing. It’s is radio gold, so press play and record baby.



As a bonus we’ve included some O.G. label scans of the Talking Head sampling classic ‘Don’t Scandalize…’. We can only imagine back then Sugar Bear moving from the boutique Coslit label to the power house of Next Plateau was like Jay Elec bouncing from Bad Boy to Roc Nation.  Or something. And yes nerds, we get that it was a license. Either way, this was a bona fide club classic which got rotation for years to come, often sitting side by side with Rob Base ‘It Takes Two’ on floors from Manhattan to London and Paris to Peru. However, we had more of a penchant for the B side and a Kool DJ Red Alert staple, ‘Ready To Penetrate’.

One thing that always puzzled us was that Shabazz is credited with producing both these cuts but if you heard their other records, it sounds like bad Teddy Riley. Strangely enough, Eric Sadler is credited with producing Shabazz so we reckon, given the Long Island / Public Enemy connection with Sugar Bear, these were actually early Bomb Squad productions. Can anybody shed more light on the subject? Answers on a postcard.

3 Responses to "Westwood Wednesdays #23: Long Island Wildin’"
  1. Reply Emil Escalope February 16, 2011 07:58 am

    bang on the money. more of the same please

  2. Reply brian beck February 16, 2011 12:05 pm

    Just linked this shit for y’all on Twitter, Facebook, Faceparty, and in a Sega Dreamcast chatroom.

    Interesting Eric Sadler theory.

  3. Reply dan brown February 16, 2011 19:55 pm

    do the stars represent songs dan or drew though were bangers?

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