EPMD Week Part 4 x Obsolete Formats #2: The Longbox

The last time we saw EPMD live, it was at London Docklands Arena, November 1990. We can’t really remember their show too well, as the whole event was somewhat overshadowed by the hail of coins that met the Young Black Teenagers when they sauntered out on stage. We were still picking up 2p coins long after they – and the Afros, Masta Ace, Tragedy and others – had departed the stage. And back then, you could still go over to the USA and buy CD longboxes. We didn’t really bother then, we were (are) vinyl nerds, and they seemed to be a bit big and clunky and silly. They died a death for reasons that are probably environmental/logistical/space-based, or a combo of the three. With real estate square footage off the richter in Manhattan, Disc-o-rama and such didn’t need to be filling their shelves with these big clunky cardboard boxes.

But over time, we’ve grown to love the Longbox, as you often come to love someone you had no time for during their life. You know, Pol Pot, people like that. In fact, both Dan Large and Drew Huge are now filling their marital homes and chagrinning their wives on the daily with moderately extensive Longbox collections. We’ll probably share a lot more of these with you – the Showbiz & AG Soul Clap EP, the UBC LP, Kill at Will, De La Soul is Dead, these are things of beauty in Longbox format – but for today an EPMD ‘Unfinished Business’ Longbox will suffice.

Our search for Longboxes continues, and we won’t rest until we’ve copped such classics as ‘Longbox Live the Kane’, Taking Your Business’ ‘Longbox Live Hip-Hop’ and the collected works of Shorty Longbox.

17 Responses to "EPMD Week Part 4 x Obsolete Formats #2: The Longbox"
  1. Reply brian beck February 17, 2011 13:07 pm

    Your Arm’s Too Short To Longbox With God.

  2. Reply Mr Bozack February 17, 2011 15:12 pm

    Freddie LongFoxxx
    Hits From The Bongbox
    Mr Lawngebox

  3. Reply Dan Large February 17, 2011 15:42 pm

    “It’s been a longbox time, I shouldn’t have left you”
    Potholes In My Lawnbox

  4. Reply Rich February 17, 2011 17:25 pm

    Da Mystery of Longboxin’
    Longbox in Hand
    Hits from the Longbox
    Jack N The Longbox

  5. Reply Jsquared February 17, 2011 18:27 pm

    I have one longbox still sealed…… it’s this one

  6. Reply Rich February 17, 2011 19:19 pm

    Great Moments in Longbox History: When Wesley Snipes, flirting with Cynda Williams in Mo Better Blues, tries to cop a fat stack of jazz longboxes only to have her tell him his Gold Card has been declined.

  7. Reply CRAIG February 18, 2011 06:47 am

    Jesus, that Docklands show was somethin else, Ace had his tramp-related openin routine, and that coining, YBT took some shit that night

    I recall one of the 2nd hand stores in Berwick Street during the mid90s stocking tons of the EPMD boxes, I remember seein them on distributor lists for next to nothing the fortnight previous, and NOT buyin them for stock in fear they wouldnt sell, oh the folly…

    Fat Boys – Longbox is Rockin
    Run DMC – Longbox
    School of Hard Longbox
    Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Jeff Waz on the Long Box
    Cannibal Longbox
    LBC – Longbox Crips
    JVC Force – Longbox Island
    Artifacts – Longbox side of the Tracks
    Bravehearts – Oochie Wally “Take a look, yer hypnotized
    on how my longbox stretch your insides”

  8. Reply Statikmatik February 18, 2011 14:26 pm

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  9. Reply Toilet February 18, 2011 15:16 pm

    Good call Rich. There must be some longbox scenes in House Party 2 or maybe Juice too but not on the same level as the Mo Better Blues scene.

  10. Reply 105 names February 18, 2011 16:01 pm

    I also remember that docklands show, master ace with the tramp thing, YBT getting a less than welcoming reception, although as it was a PE show the crowd also consisted of a lot of middle class white drips who quite liked YBT, I know because I was with some of them and they liked them. YBT redeemed themselves with Tap The Bottle a couple of years later, which got played in the more thugged out clubs, but that first lot of records sucked and they should have got coined off for that alone regardless of whether their name was offensive or not.

  11. Reply Dan Large February 18, 2011 17:59 pm

    “Brothers From Brentwood Longbox Island”

  12. Reply Rich February 18, 2011 19:04 pm

    “‘Cos they sing like Rodney King, ‘Can’t we all just get a longbox?’”

  13. Reply Rich February 18, 2011 19:48 pm

    “Grand Puba is the one who makes they longbox wet”

  14. Reply Fat Daddy April 2, 2011 19:51 pm

    Kurious: Fresh Out The Longbox
    Tony Touch: Out Da Longbox
    EPMD: Boon Longbox
    Main Source: Step up to the batter’s longbox

  15. Reply Fat Daddy April 2, 2011 19:53 pm

    Them longboxes were the shit. I used to raid HMV in Bond Street, they always used to have loads, I still have quite a few of the covers, mail me if you want a scan or two. My personal favorite was the Ultramagnetic MC’s Funk Your Head Up

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