Underrated / Underhated #9

Underhated : Black Star – ‘Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star’

What’s funnier : Mos Def’s facial hair, or the rumour that Talib Kweli burst into tears after getting slapped by a chickenhead he was unsuccessfully trying to chat up at a party? Both are pretty dang hilarious, but here at chez Fat Lace we’re equally as tickled by the spectacular display of backpeddling these two gentlemen indulged in once the Jansport-rap bubble started leaking air in 2000 where they swore that, yo, those flagrant disses to Bad Boy and Jay were actually about, um, some other rappers because they’s always loved Biggie and Jay, honest!!!!!

We’re not going to insult all y’all sophisticated F.L readers by trotting out the cliched partyline about Mos Def only being dope on his first 12″ and ‘Fortified Live’ because ‘Respiration’ was a mighty fine song (btw, has anyone managed to work out why Common’s Rawkus apperances and late nineties indie 12″s were all great, when ‘One Day It’ll All Make Sense’ and ‘Like Water For Chocolate’ were about as exciting as waiting for a delayed train at Birmingham New Street?), but other than that, ‘B-Boys Will B-Boys’, and those Nike Blazers Mos Def was wearing in the inner sleeve booklet thingmebob, the Black Star LP was an utterly mediocre release in a year which gave us 3 kosher classics in ‘Aquemini’, ‘Moment Of Truth’, and ‘The Dude’. Besides, the best song these two painfully overrated schmucks released as a duo happened to find itself on an album which was both closer to home and our hearts.

Underrated : The Creators – ‘The Weight’

If you can sit there with a straight face and tell us that ‘Hard Margin’ wasn’t the most brolic joint ol’ doghair beard Def and Talib Fairy ever made then you’re a better liar than all these dudes running with the “Dilla was the G.O.A.T” viewpoint when they know full well that Dilla was the dude whose sound managed to ruin both The Pharcyde and Tribe in the space of 3 years.

The Creators ft. Mos Def & Kweli – ‘Hard Margin’

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The Creators ft. Mos Def & Kweli – ‘Hard Margin’ (Inst.)

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Sure, you could fire a hearty rebuttal our way by pointing out that ‘The Weight’ featured a song with Out Da Ville, which we’ll concede is pretty much unforgivable under any circumstance, but we’ll just checkmate you by posting ‘Kronkite’ by Phil Da Agony or ‘No Love’ by F.T, and remind you that Scor-zay-zee can be pretty dope and, hey, at least C-Mone from Out Da Ville never made ‘Umi Says’, did she? Chew on that, suckaz.

The Creators ft. Phil Da Agony – ‘Kronkite’

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Words by The Martorialist

16 Responses to "Underrated / Underhated #9"
  1. Reply Dan Large February 13, 2011 17:17 pm

    Nice piece oh Martorialist one. Boy I can tell you some stories about the making of the Creators album.

  2. Reply done February 13, 2011 17:53 pm

    get back on your j.o. fatlace, your missed. i think these posts might actually be where i heard of the jacka, which im eternally grateful for

    man i never even heard of that album above tunes are nice but kweli still kinda sounds like dogshite. im very proud of the fact im yet to hear the eternal sunshine album, hafta admit i do like the blast tho. theres a great okayplayer post questlove did about seeing puffy berating talib backstage after mos performed the childrens story remake for the first time.

    anyone seen that shane meadows mockumentary with skorzayzee? it was a bit of a mess and whoever edited it needs castrating but it had some really great parts i thought. consadines the man

  3. Reply done February 13, 2011 18:04 pm

    *eternal reflection* whoops.

    but on the subject, if we could somehow erase most of rawkus’s output from evryones collective memories we could all look back fondly on those couple of great mos def singles and the pharoahe monch solo album without all the super-scientifical arrythimical whinging over boring production to taint our affections.

    im also grateful im able to make these comments due to not really being around back then to have my brain warped from having a backpack lodged in my spine. luckily i liked the blackstar album long before i was old enough to have such shit musical taste fuck up my chances of gettin pussy.

  4. Reply done February 13, 2011 18:16 pm

    blackstar is unconcious rap. as in, makes you snooze.

    death certificate and sleeping with the enemy is concious rap. its also racist rap.


    also nas and common have a lot in common. theyr both very confused yet talented rappers with misguided political/pop aspirations who both made great 1994 albums. they also have terrible taste in beats (and cant do them justice when they get good ones in commons case). ugh, maybe someone more sober who can write better than me should do a post on that comparison

  5. Reply dan brown February 13, 2011 21:39 pm

    Good to see you guys back. Whens the next Freaky Friday!

  6. Reply IRISH_CRAIG February 14, 2011 04:44 am

    Good work Marty-Martorialist

    I only ever had time for the Mighty whitey lovin Mos Def on the Criminal Minded sampling track on the Blackstar full length, and Fortified. Sorry, he just never did anything for me, gimme Professor Rock & The Roxbury Crush Crew anyday. Mos Def had the strange ability to irk me, maybe cos he sounded like a dog chewing on a toffee when he spoke

    Mos Def just rubbed me the wrong way [unlike Johnny Gill, who just sang]

    Freaky Friday? Im gonna explode anyday from the anticipation of a fresh tape – How about some Westwood Wednesdays?

    Always good to see the FL chaps in full e eff and x, but this foreplay for Tim in unhealthy – PAUSE

    Can ye tell im keen?


  7. Reply Rich February 14, 2011 15:51 pm

    A-yo, don’t front on Birmingham New St Station, son. They’ve got AMT coffee, M&S Simply Food, Millie’s Cookies, Burger King and two WH Smith’s up in that joint – and that’s before you take the escalator up to the Pallasades or dip out front to browse through the vintage Joe Bloggs denim at nearby TK Maxx.
    But yeah, that Black Star joint was dreary stuff. Plus Mos and Kweli had a nerve to criticise Puff’s recycling techniques on an album that included two remakes on an ‘album’ that was barely EP-length to begin with.

  8. Reply Mr Bozack February 14, 2011 16:00 pm

    Le Donk & Scor-zay-zee, done. Good stuff.

  9. Reply Rich February 14, 2011 16:28 pm

    Like Black Star, Common and The Roots also did about-turns in the Puffy dissing department, rinsing Mr. Combs on record before taking the cash to peddle Sean John gear in glossy print ads.

  10. Reply rave stein February 14, 2011 17:13 pm

    Black Star = pone, everything Common’s ever done apart from an LPro remix = Pone, Moment of Truth = pone, The Dude (what’s that), Aqualimp (never heard this – I’m guessing no one else really has either ) Creators = great record collection but there’s no way that even they would sit through the Kronk. Talking of which any one try Krank? According to Chuck D at a PE concert in 1990, it was supposed to be 10 times more deadly than crack.

  11. Reply done February 14, 2011 18:54 pm

    whoops played myself again no more drinkin before typin, fuck a blackstar tho.

    ha rave stein is that dude. fatlace comment section is goat

  12. Reply done February 14, 2011 18:58 pm

    bozack: thats the one. yeh the part where the donk freestyles in the hotel room for scorzayzees groupies had me rollin

  13. Reply Don 'Key' Boner February 15, 2011 15:11 pm

    That’s more like it, breadbins. For me, Phil Da Agony is the essential ingredient for my boullabaise, the rest sit on the surface like saffron coloured foam, waiting to be skimmed.

  14. Reply 105 names February 18, 2011 04:46 am

    blackstar over creators any day. Creators EP with MCM etc. was dopeness, loved that sound, after that I wasn’t feeling them.

  15. Reply moyinka February 20, 2011 06:45 am

    i don’t think any of them are keepers but the creators would be my pick. ‘the hard margin’ as you’ve singled out here is the tune i craved after i heard it on a greenpeace tape. i was looking for it for yonks but he obviously had a promo, the lucky chap. i don’t have these two records anymore but i still the ‘the hard margin’ in the crates.

  16. Reply jamie kpms February 22, 2011 06:38 am

    Theres another original mix of “No love” that is much better than the one featured on the Lp but Si couldnt put it on there for sample reasons
    - trust me though it is niiiice and does FT more favors than the LP track!

    creators all day / West Country all day!

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