All Samplers Cleared #2: Hollywood Basic

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“Hi, you’ve reached Hollywood Basic”

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We dug deep for this one. So back in the early Nineties Disney decided to jump on the Rap bandwagon and a formed an offshoot of Hollywood Records called Hollywood Basic helmed by the A&R genius that was Dave ‘Funken’ Klein. The label has since become famous as the launchpad for the careers of Organized Konfusion, DJ Shadow and err, that’s it. Well isn’t that enough?  Zimbabwe Legit never really took off, nor did Money B’s Raw Fusion and although we can appreciate the sentiment we’re not sure about giving a bunch murderers a record deal (Lifers Group) but Monch and Josh had incredible careers off the back of the gamble Klein took on their talents.  Klein’s career started in New York where he worked for Red Alert and wrote for The Source. For an amazing collection of Funken Klein photo’s and archived ‘Gangsta Limpin’ columns he famously penned visit Bomb Hip-Hop.

So we bring you the Basic Beats Sampler which is an incredible keeper featuring early Organized, rare Rick Rubin remixes, audio snippets from Hank Love’s show and even includes the Hollywood basic answer machine message as well as the famed DJ Shadow Mega-Mix. If you’re lucky enough to own an original of Shadow’s ‘Lesson 4′ then don’t let that get away, only 800 pressed, most were destroyed and it’s a bona fide slab of hip-hop history. You know we gots an original (with sticker) and for a breakdown of the history behind that track and how Shadow got involved with Hollyword Basic we’ve posted a previously unheard interview with him from The All City Show.

DJ Shadow on The All City Show talking about his contribution to Hollywood Basic…

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The Lesson’s…. (click to enlarge)

Download The Basic Beats Sampler


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11 Responses to "All Samplers Cleared #2: Hollywood Basic"
  1. Reply done August 18, 2010 19:57 pm

    cheers your riht bout the ok, rick rubin remixes and early dj shadow but why all the hate for lifers group? at the very least they are entertaing, i would prefer to listen to them/watch one of the videos than listen to some of kanyes worst moments thats not sayin much tho.i

    if ol dirty was alive during the domination of da internets ” _____ is good, but __ ____ is for the children!” would be that meme even your mam brings up seven years later. big baby jesus layed kanyes egg.

    ive had a few tins, im curious whether il regret commenting tommorow.

  2. Reply billy brown from buffalo August 19, 2010 04:24 am

    If only Shadow had made more records that sounded like Lesson 4 and Real Deal remix. I loathed Endtroducing other than The Number Song

  3. Reply Somepling August 19, 2010 05:29 am

    Yes, “Lesson 4″, “Basic Beats Sampler”, this ALL pre-sampler area, (4-track era) sounds incredibly fresh and ahead of its time..
    Shadow’s the master.
    It never stop to amaze me…
    He understood the all movement, and moved instantly forward producing complex tracks, mixes & remixes.
    Hard to believe Shadow did that almost 20 years from now…

  4. Reply done August 19, 2010 08:39 am

    for some reason i always much always prefered private press bar a few tunes, admittedly its been a few years since iv heard either so i dunno how that holds up now.

    always thought it was cool how he embraced the bay scene when hyphy was new, you definitly wouldnt have found other producers of his ilk doin that. remember thinkin at the time that them songs didnt really come off but fuk i used to love any jurassic 5 bollix so i should probably have a relisten ha

  5. Reply solesides August 19, 2010 13:07 pm

    Awesome, guys. We mentioned about this on the website.
    It’d be cool if we could get an mp3 of the Shadow interview too ?

    thanks again. Good stuff

  6. Reply Stinky Jim August 21, 2010 07:09 am

    this brings back a few memories – ta muchly – and have to say Lifers had their moments and some of the Raw Fusion gear used to be pretty effective with the discerning dancefloor back then

  7. Reply guantanamo b August 22, 2010 03:42 am


  8. Reply Tak4Prez September 15, 2010 04:51 am

    dope! looking forward to giving this a whirl.


  9. Reply gaga September 26, 2010 21:56 pm

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  10. Reply phase September 29, 2010 12:44 pm

    i know theres also 3 test pressings of my queen “another one bits the dust” ( dusted bboy remix) and i think it still holds the record of must cleared samples on one remix……have fun phase 5

  11. Reply Will April 7, 2012 22:45 pm

    The link is down could you re-up this?

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