Apple announce the iDob

So we check our daily RSS feeds today from various hip-hop blogs and what do we see? Apple this, Steve Jobs that. Nothing about the new Wu Tang Corp album, a new Weezy leak, the latest on Yeezy and Amber, Drake’s latest V log or anything else we couldn’t give a flying shit about. So what’s the new iPad got to do with the price of fish? Do you think Apple need your help? Hell Nah Right.  So in true Crap Graf style, allow us to introduce the new Fat Lace iDob. Blog this motherfuckers.


And for you old school heads…The Dobber-Sketch


2 Responses to "Apple announce the iDob"
  1. Reply brian beck from wiscompton January 30, 2010 06:39 am

    Nice use of a circumsized, non-mushroom bellend there.

  2. Reply Drew Huge February 5, 2010 07:33 am

    Yeah, people are divided on whether to leave the balls smooth, or add the spiky pubes. I go old school with the latter.

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