Rap Names For Sale: One-time Offer


Back in 2007, we launched Cli-N-Tel, the official Fat Lace Rap Consultancy. Peep our advert here. Sadly, it is one of the latest victims of the credit crunch and reduced record label spending, so we’re having a fire sale. Our business was liquid like L Fudge, but now it’s just in likwidation (damn, when did hip-hop fuck up our spelling?). Here’s part of our database of fantastic, unused rap names. These have been carefully selected to afford the right combination of street credibility, commercial opportunity and repeatability for that word-of-mouth effect. Obviously, some are better than others. We await your offers. Oh, we’d like to thank our homie Petite Pete the Heat from the Street for contributing roughly 50% of these at our recent corporate retreat in Gloucs, which we chose because it sounds like ‘glocks’.

Note: Be quick, these names are selling out fast:

The Unreliable 5 MCs
Hastily Formed 4
MC Bilge and DJ Fluffed Cue
The Self Righteous Teachers
DJ Cakes and MC Airport Cars
Sadat Dat Doo Datdat Doo
Shabba Chunks feat. X Benedict
Rambunctious One and the Minus A Half
Brooklyn Style Bert And Kercheval K
MC MC and the Bonus Scenes
Pissed Coalition
The Boulevard Friend
Controversial MC and Placatory P
Tiny Tony Tee, Toddy Tots and Terry Terror
DJ Spank Biggalow and Overlord Ice Arse
Pederast Steve and the Scared Kids
The Dungstaz
Ice Murderer and Big Burglar
Biggest Refurbish
Fat Nonce
MC DJ and DJ MC feat. Breakdance Terry
Guns ‘n’ Ho-ses
Alleycat Frank and Tony Beans
Trife Eddie as himself
Blitz Clarkson and Niggafied Miles
Gee Bench alias Jeebus
Clack-Clack Derek and Guns Piers
MC Assonance
Lord Goodness and Mike Abysmal
Terrapin fabulous
Crooklyn Cunt
Rah Beardless and Kakalakapohpoh

6 Responses to "Rap Names For Sale: One-time Offer"
  1. Reply brian beck from wisconsin April 8, 2009 14:12 pm

    Kevin Ki’ Gun
    Black Morris
    Ann Rob-A-Son
    Dunn Poppalottacris

  2. Reply omatic April 8, 2009 15:53 pm

    MC EZ-Pass feat. The Booth Twinz
    U Dun and Fuk’d Up
    Kareem of Mushroom
    Barry Boils feat. Top Ramen
    Lisa’s Left Eye (shaped like a)Labia

  3. Reply omatic April 8, 2009 16:04 pm

    Stink Box Kelly feat. Cherry Douche
    DJ Clem and The Nut Bustas
    McGilla Fo’Rilla
    AzzBakwards and the Inbred Posse

  4. Reply Sense April 14, 2009 05:47 am

    Sticky Wicketz
    MC Strawberry and Double Cream
    Dancin’ Danny Day Lewis

  5. Reply Apple May 26, 2009 04:06 am

    dj cakes already taken lol google it

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