Crap Graf #15


“Wolftown Massive” by Molly Neux

The Midlands Crap Graf scene is often ignored by the scholars in the textbooks that are in frequent use at KRS One’s Temple of Hip-Hop Culture (nb – they’re looking for a new head of Sisssssssy Studies since Professor X became Professor Ex). Instead they focus on such hotbeds of speed-dobberdom as Reading and Croydon. And how have the Midlanders responded to this ongoing snub? By heading to London to tag the fuck out of the smoke. Yup, if those dudes from Birmingham, Solihull and The Potteries can’t get no love at home, they’ll travel.

Here we have a fine piece from one of Wolverhampton’s finest, Molly Neux. The female artist is known for her commitment to the lycanthropic underworld and here juxtaposes her call to arms for her savage crew with a poster for some poncy chamber music bulldagger in the heart of London. But some questions remain: Is it too late for Wolverhampton to get the respect it deserves? Will this rally those Midlanders who left their homes made of iron to find work in London? Does Barry from Auf Wiedersehen Pet know about this? And what the fuck does the last line say?

2 Responses to "Crap Graf #15"
  1. Reply brian beck from wisconsin March 30, 2009 05:30 am

    The juxtaposition here is quite exquisite, darling, and that last line is clearly some intergalactic wildstyle you can only read if you have those special sunglasses that Roddy Piper had in They Live.

    Did you see that picture of the country mansion with the dobber painted on the roof last week? That shit was next level.

  2. Reply i the t March 30, 2009 06:27 am

    what you on about blad ? that wildstyle clearly says “owwwllllcc” !

    and furthermore, Wolverhampton earned it’s respect from 19 longty long
    with the “B-Boys”.

    it’s a horrible place though, and they hate Notts.

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