Crap Graf #14: Celebrity B-Boy Special

We might not have been the earliest adopters on the blizock, but we’ve got love for ‘Summer Heights High’, with Chris Lilley playing the three main roles to perfection. Ja’mie King is dope, and no one can front on the drama teacher Mr G, but our hero is obviously potty-mouthed breakdancing Tongan bad boy Jonah Takalua. When he’s not asking his enemies to ‘Fuck off, motherfucker’, or telling his female teacher he sneezed because he’s allergic to her farts, he’s taking it to the lino with his homies. But he’s also a pioneer in the art of crap graf, combining pictures and text to tag up the locker rooms to the illest degree. ‘Dicktation’ has opened up a whole new sphere for crap graf artists to explore, although we actually prefer his lesser celebrated masterwork ‘Lick My Balls’. If you don’t like crap graf, and you don’t like ‘Summer Heights High’, you must be on your period, miss.

Get Jonah to do your very own tag HERE

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  1. Reply brian beck from wisconsin January 9, 2009 11:13 am

    Looks Like A Dob For..

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