Crap Graf #14

Beauty And The Beast by Duke Bootee.

We’re big fans of Duke Bootee’s work for Sugarhill Records and his own Beauty And The Beat imprint here at Fat Lace. Frustratingly he ended up one of those immensely talented mid 80′s producers who got nudged out of position when records like Ego Trippin’, Eric B Is President, Peter Piper et al hit in ’86 forever changing the sonic landscape of rap but with a resume which includes The Message parts 1 and 2, King Kut, Coast To Coast and Triple Threat his legendary status is intact forever.

At first glance this masterpiece reads like the scorned rant of a bitter b-boy emerging from a soured long-term relationship but upon further inspection it’s the type of subtle satirical streetart a pretender like Banksy could only dream of pulling off and a potent reminder of the cruel brevity of beauty to boot. With this brickbound burner Duke makes the point that sexual equality will always be a myth as we live in a deeply misogynistic society where the fairer sex, no matter how intelligent and respected, are tossed on the scrap heap once they reach a certain age. Word to Moira Stewart – that’s deep, yo, and we’re sure that feminists like Gucci Mane Greer would applaud were they not in the kitchen slaving over hot stoves to bring us our dinner.

3 Responses to "Crap Graf #14"
  1. Reply brian beck from wisconsin November 27, 2008 16:37 pm

    I think it’s about time for some shit graffiti/rap puns.

    Stay Fly-y-y-y-y 149

    Subway Party Arty

    Styles P Wars

    Posca Boy

    Mr. Magic Marker

  2. Reply barm cake b November 27, 2008 19:30 pm

    It’s all about the Floella Benjamins
    Esther Ransom Badbonez (US readers might not get that one)
    Tudy Fruity Judy Finnigan
    Guer-cilla Black
    DJ Louie Lu Lu
    Anne Diamond & The Psychotic Neurotics
    MC ‘Helen Mir’-Ren

  3. Reply THE ROCK November 28, 2008 15:14 pm


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