Crap Graf #13

“The Death of Afrocentrism” by Kemit-Cal Reaction

No, we don’t why it’s called something so pretentious. We’re not artists, dude, we just comment on this shit like the Robert Hughes of the street. The Matthew Collings of Youtube. Maybe the artist, Kemit-Cal, found out that Egyptians didn’t fucking create civilisation after all, in the same way the Chinese didn’t discover America in the 15th century. Maybe he realised things have come to a pretty pass when his-story is actually more accurate than the twisted counterknowledge version of history most rappers spout after they’ve half-understood a KRS One B-side. But we’re only guessing. It may be just that the guy thought graf has become too dumbed down. After all, did Ramo die for nothing? (we know you know he didn’t – he died to make the less interesting part of the otherwise fine ‘Beat Street’ have some emotional resonance and also so they could have a big party with Shango banging on in a dress). Did he die so that all these kids could spray ‘Becky is a slag’ and ‘I fight you nig-nogs’ on a South London underpass? Arguable, but let’s say he didn’t. Kemit-Cal is taking it up a notch, reintellectualising graffiti so that all those ponces colonising a newly fashionable area of New York can hang it in galleries all over again. And, after all, isn’t that what graffiti craves. Yes. But also, in a way no. Discuss…

4 Responses to "Crap Graf #13"
  1. Reply Ignite Mindz October 9, 2008 23:04 pm

    crap graf is vandalism. good graf should be excavated and rebuilt in the MOMA (museum of modern art you simpletons) (condescendin like what!)

  2. Reply i the t October 10, 2008 01:34 am

    art is a historical abbreviation of artifice.

    therefore, the only way to keep it real is to not do anything artistic.

  3. Reply mustard October 10, 2008 07:16 am


  4. Reply brian beck from wisconsin October 10, 2008 09:39 am

    I personally think this is a commentary on poncey Banksy style social commentary stencil art replacing classic real graffiti (speed dobbers, spunked on tits and personal insults) on da streetz. It’s time to take it back to the essence!

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