Westwood Wednesdays #12: King Tim III

Here’s king Tim with Fat Lace Issue III. Yes it’s Westwood Wednesday, your midweek fix of the british broadcasting’s personality jock supremo. This is a landmark show, his first for the BBC. Don’t think we’ll be giving you second rate output going forward, we’re not abandoning his LWR, Capital or N Sign days just yet. Here you’ll find some typically unpolished finesse on his debut for Radio 1. It’s unbelievable to think he’s been there for approaching fifteen years but listening to this landmark show he still has much of the flavour from his pirate days but there’s definitely a noticeable shift from his Capital FM style. As we all know he has changed vastly since this show, maybe that came with a steady growth in confidence as a result of a largely unchallenged domination of UK rap radio output but for every fan he lost, he gained many more due to him broadcasting from a national and subsequently international platform. Anyway, enough of that wiki-wiki-pedia shit…

Westwood’s first show on BBC Radio 1, 12/10/94:

Part 1 HERE

Part 2 HERE

Thanks to Alt Rap

2 Responses to "Westwood Wednesdays #12: King Tim III"
  1. Reply brian beck from wisconsin September 18, 2008 14:44 pm

    I Seen A Man Die was already my shit but i think this show was the first time i heard Jesse James as it was before The Diary came out.

    Shook Ones 2 into Rockafella remix into Natural Born Killaz was good times.

  2. Reply jim chestwood September 21, 2008 11:46 am

    Anyone got the show when Westwood had people phoning in doing impersonations of him? I think it was around 96-97? Maybe later.

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