R.A. The Rugged Man vs. Rude Jude on Shade 45

It actually pains us to post this because we’ve got mad love for R.A. and Rude Jude is one of the most underrated hosts on hip-hop radio but hearing these two air it out is captivating. Both these dudes have a point and that’s the issue here but let’s just say they disagree to agree, if you get what we’re saying. Towards the end it also kind of fits into our current Tuff City Records theme. Check it out and let us know what you think. Thanks again to Paul O’Shady Rosenblog (in our blogroll) for the white on white verbal violence.

103 Responses to "R.A. The Rugged Man vs. Rude Jude on Shade 45"
  1. Reply geocentrics April 26, 2010 16:31 pm

    rude jude id a dumb ignorant muthafucka i hope ra rips his fuckin head off

  2. Reply NICCSACC April 29, 2010 17:40 pm

    rude jude is from jenny jones show back in the 90′s chi town area…. hes a fuckin douchebag. who cares RA is a genius. he does him…. rap aint dead either its just in hibernation. fuck jude and big ups to ruggedman. RIP to his father and family. sincerely.

  3. Reply i the t March 27, 2011 14:11 pm

    what do you mean they’ve both got a point, FatLace ?

    No Hammer tunes never got played at no Nottingham jams cause they were all shit.

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