Westwood Wednesdays #5

Westwood 27/5/89

We’ve got a special Westwood Wednesdays for you this week, live from Dingwalls Nightclub, Camden Town. Not only does the big dawg bring you classics like Ace & Action’s ‘Letter To The Better’, Lakim Shabazz ‘Red, Black & Green’ and Stezo ‘To The Max’, but London Town ragamuffins Asher D & Daddy Freddy drop in for a live session as do fellow LDN all-stars MC Duke and Rebel MC. This week’s show is a throwback and half and Tim came equipped with his portable transmitter so we could savour every moment.

If that wasn’t enough, in this week’s history lesson, ahem, the Capital FM News there’s mad drama. An attempted hijack at Miami Airport in America is over and no ones been hurt. The plane flying out of Dallas nearly ditched into the sea before landing as it was running out of fuel (Don’t worry Jarret, this was ’89, it could never happen now). The hijacker wanted to be flown to Cuba (we assume to meet up with Fidel and Ghostface – see the post below). In other news, rival football fans have been fighting running battles on the streets of Glasgow following England’s 2-0 defeat of Scotland. More than 150 people have been arrested. Damn, wait until they see Ghostface present his new 7-1-8 formation at today’s press conference.

Here’s the audio kids….
Tim Westwood 27th May 1989

and if you’re new to the ‘Lace, you’ll find a lot more vintage Westwood ageing nicely like fine wine right here.

Fat Lace 3

10 Responses to "Westwood Wednesdays #5"
  1. Reply RenSki November 28, 2007 11:57 am

    Great pic, Timmy in front of his cd collection. If dude wants to get rid of his wax crates, I´m down to look after his original acetate of Biz Markie`s “Tribute To Scratching Part 2″ that Marley gave him back in the days. Think only 3 were made, incredible track. Unfortunately Michael J. didn´t think so…

  2. Reply country bumpkin November 28, 2007 18:18 pm

    what does he get now? Rick Ross and Souljah Boy acetates. And they say us old gits are moaning when we claim Hip Hop was better back in the day.

  3. Reply brian beck from wisconsin November 29, 2007 06:33 am

    “Hustlin’” by Rick Ross > anything by Ultramagnetic post “Chorus Line”.

  4. Reply bse November 29, 2007 14:34 pm

    Oooh is it Tradrap baiting time?

  5. Reply bse November 29, 2007 14:35 pm

    If yes then: Soulja Boy’s tip-ex-pen shades are better than Stezo E’s acid washed denim!

  6. Reply bse November 29, 2007 15:41 pm

    I guess the Fat Lace crew is too northern to have a stash of Richie Rich radio tapes???? Cos that would really go down nicely.

  7. Reply country bumpkin December 1, 2007 08:22 am

    your sayin ‘hustlin’ is better than Poppa Large, ‘Saga of dandy…’. ‘raise it up’…c’mon!

  8. Reply Paul Miles December 1, 2007 10:36 am

    ““Tribute To Scratching Part 2″ that Marley gave him back in the days. Think only 3 were made, incredible track. Unfortunately Michael J. didn´t think so…”

    – I thought Epic stopped it but MJ thought the track was dope? Or so i heard…

  9. Reply Mr Stein February 17, 2008 14:34 pm

    I remember that Dingwalls Jam – It was the weekend after the Gooners won the double at Anfield and Daddy Freddy stepped on stage with an Arsenal hat and Scalf. Tim also did about 5 rewinds on fight the power whilst playing around with a sound effects machine that kept miss firing… Why do I remember these pointless details???

  10. Reply Nil December 24, 2012 05:55 am

    PSEG has no clue how to service cumsrteos. The website has zero useful information. Our power in Glen Ridge has been out since 2 am Sunday and all I know is it will be restored by next Sunday. Are they new at this or what???

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