Crap Graf: ‘Wall Of Lame’

Send your Crap Graf to and our in house art experts will critique it, you’ll also appear on our ‘Wall Of Lame’.

“Nuts On Chin” by Boo C 187

Graf 1

“Poof” by Mode 3

Graf 2

“Eat Pussy” by Mayor (we wonder if this is Ken Livingstone’s tag)


“Is Right” by Wayne 69

Wayne 69

2 Responses to "Crap Graf: ‘Wall Of Lame’"
  1. Reply Crap Graf Update November 13, 2007 07:20 am

    [...] Don’t forget to send your Crap Graf flicks to and get it posted on our ‘Wall Of Lame’. [...]

  2. Reply country bumpkin November 13, 2007 17:04 pm

    I got one coming, just gotta remember to take my camera out with me!

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