Rappers Retirement Homes #1

Here at the Fat to the Lace, we don’t just chronicle the new hotness, we also chronicle the old not-so-hotness. Put simply, we give a fuck what rappers do when they hang up their mics, what DJ’s do when they trade in their Technics and what producers do when they turn some piece of equipment or other off. In this regular feature, we exclusively reveal what the artists that time forgot do with their fat advances from Payroll records. No. 1: The Jaz.

We all know how Jaz fell out with Jay-Z, but do we all know that Jaz went off to Paris afterwards to, “find himself” and ended up using the $8000 he got for the ‘Kingz Kounty’ LP to buy into a watch shop in the 5th arrondissement? No, we don’t all know that, but Fat Lace does. Jaz’s watch shop doesn’t have any truck with G-Shock’s or Swatches. It’s straight classic European timepieces to the death. Dibiase from The Immobilarie comes in every 2nd Wednesday to do small repairs. “It’s a great life,” reveals the man behind the ‘Hawaiian Sophie’ smash. “If you like watches. I had to laugh the other day when Rakim came in. I said, ‘would you like to buy a Seiko watch?’. He said, ‘No, Omega.’ We fell about.”

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  2. Reply lace da booze September 2, 2007 18:48 pm

    2 paragraphs just to make a bad pun on an obscure Rakim LP cut. This is why I love Fat Lace!

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