Hip-Hop Jews #1

Not many people know that semite, sorry, semi-retired rapper Eminem is a Jew, well half Jewish. It was recently revealed that Slim Shady was the illegitimate love child of music mogul Paul Rosenberg. Marshall sprang to fame in the late nineties with his underground smash ‘I Just Don’t Give A Fuck’. Jimmy Iovine, founder of Interscope Records was over the moon with the news that his roster included a Jewish rapper. ‘I’m over the moon that my roster includes a Jewish rapper’ declared Iovine to LA publication the Jewish Journal. Whisperings in the Hip-Hop community point to a collaboration in the works between Shady and renowned producer The Alchemist, also a Jew.

Marshall Rosenberg:

A circumcised penis:
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3 Responses to "Hip-Hop Jews #1"
  1. Reply Androyde September 6, 2007 14:46 pm

    Please wish Marshall good yomtov when
    he next contacts Fat Lace

  2. Reply whut? September 20, 2007 03:11 am

    does that mean that the shady/professor griff collabo I’ve been waiting 10 years for might not be happening now?

  3. Reply Karl March 16, 2014 04:55 am

    He’s not Jewish. He’s white and of Southern Baptist faith.

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