Crap Graf #1

‘Dumb Dick’ by Spore 12 of Murder Crew
Commissioned by The National Arts Council to give youth the chance to express themselves (and to stop shooting people in the thighs), this instant classic from the infamous train-bomber Spore 12 works on several levels. Well, two. Two and a half at a push. Ignoring it’s unmistakable shape for a minute, check the placing: It’s positioning above two power sockets is a comment on the need to handle natural resources to end global warming. Dunny is deep. You don’t need to be Brian Sewell to know that ‘go richard’ is all about the dick. But the dobber itself? Masterly. Bold, unhurried, and the arc of the ball bouillabaisse that shoots from its tip almost parabolic. And the hairlessness of the balls is probably about the virility of youth or he got caught doing it and didn’t have time to do pubes or some speed tits for the jizz to land on. Fuck a Futura, Spore 12 is our mizan.

speed dobber thumb

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  1. Reply silent minority August 31, 2007 21:55 pm

    There’s also the imagery of a fist extending a middle finger to the world, present. The artist has touched on the dangers of speaking back at the world by adding a razor blade cut to said raised finger, with blood spurting out……………So touching.

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